Sunday, April 25, 2010

AMI Gala

Last Friday was the American Mothers annual Gala.  I was asked to be the Master of Ceremonies for the event - I guess I was really the Mistress of Ceremonies.

It was held at the Embassy Suites at the airport.  The Gala is where they present Oregon's Mother of the Year and Young Mother of the Year for 2010 as well as honor other Mothers of Excellence.

It was a very nice evening.  The NW LDS Symphony performed as well as some other very talented musicians.

It was fun to be a part of it and I don't think I embarassed myself too bad - I didn't try and tell any jokes!

Don't I look official - not sure what I was doing with my hand.

Here I am presenting one of the Mother's of Excellence.

I liked holding out my left arm I guess!


Mary Anne Best said...

I heard about the shoes. How about a picture!

Leigh Anne Wilkes said...

Sorry - didn't take a picture of the shoes!

Tamara said...

You look so professional and gorgeous as ever!