Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow Week!

Yes, seven days later and it is still snowing. We just got the phone call and church is cancelled again tomorrow. I could get use to this home church thing!

It has snowed hard, all day long today. The wind is blowing and it looks like a blizzard outside. The kids have had fun playing in it - even my big girls!
We had our annual Breakfast with Santa with the neighbors this morning (will post pictures later) and the kids (Quillins and Adams)have spent the whole day here. They've played in the snow, baked cookies and eaten a lot of cookies, watched basketball and are now playing a game. It's been a house full but so fun!
Logan explained to Joe and Declan that I am like grandma - meaning they can eat as much of whatever they want when they are at our house!!

The best part of snow - making snow angels. Both Declan and Tessa made one!

Declan asked me if he could make a funny face in one of my pictures - "Because I am really good at it!' I'd have to agree with him! Wish we could steal him!!

Not only can he make good faces he is also a hard worker!!
And of course - they had to make a snowman! Go Ducks!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Relative of the Year Award

I am excited to announce that the

Relative of the Year Award

goes to......

....drumroll please.....

........Wynn Wilkes, Jr. !!!

who was willing to go trough rain or snow, or sleet or hail to deliver my 3
college kids safely to the Salt Lake City airport!!!

Many of you may not know this but he is actually receiving this award for the second year in a row. Last year he spent 5 hours in traffic after delivering them to the airport!!! What an amazing performance by a relative!!!!

Thank you Wynn - we love you!!! I think a big basket full of homemade goodies may have to be your award or maybe a visit to the beach house!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Week of Parties and Cooking!

Guess what happens when you get snowed in on a Sunday? Two blog posts in one day - maybe even three!.

So here's an update on our week. It was a busy one with a LOT of cooking and partying going on!

We started out the week by helping Sister Gene Johnson celebrate her 88th birthday with a special birthday visit. Sis. Johnson is the older sister Jim home taught for several years - helped her get to the temple. She has since moved from our ward but we try and keep in contact with her. She had had some health scares lately but she is doing great now and looks wonderful!!

Tuesday was our joint YM/YW Holiday activity. Our class was in charge. We invited all the empty nesters and singles in the ward and had a fun "Getting to know you" activity. We made and decorated life size gingerbread men and asked them lots of fun questions. For dessert (which I helped make of course) we had a choice of banana bars, pumpkin bars, almond sheet cake and chocolate sheet cake along with hot apple cider. We had about 75 people there!

Thursday was the RS Holiday Dinner that I was in charge of. It ended up being a great success and if you want the recipes check out We ended up feeding over 100 people!

Friday was the Padbury's annual white elephant party. I took homemade pita chips and a selection of hummus. I think Jim set some kind of record. He had his gifts stolen 7 times!! He was a good picker I guess!

Saturday was my annual Beach Babe Holiday Tea. This year it was at April's house and we had an Asian theme - complete with sushi, pickled beets, Vietnamese beef soup, mango sorbet and ginger cookies dipped in white chocolate that I made. It was a nice relaxing time with my beach babe friends.

Tessa spent Saturday at ballet (after missing Tuesday and Thursday because of YW and she was sick). She then had two babysitting jobs and earned $75 on Saturday!!! Now she can go do her Christmas shopping!!

Jim and I went to the ward holiday party Saturday evening. Our Activities Committee goes all out - there were beautiful invitations complete with an RSVP card. We were invited to the Mansion House in Nauvoo for a holiday dinner - our hosts were to be Joseph and Emma Smith. We were asked to come dressed in period dress.

I had decided I just didn't have time to pull a costume together but on the way home from the Beach Babe Tea I made a quick trip into Goodwill and found a full length brown satin skirt complete with a large sash I used as a bustle. I also found a black suede vest for Jim to wear. So Jim and I went in costume. We also helped cook the pot roast they served along with potatoes, carrots, squash, homemade rolls, cabbage salad and shewbread (sugar cookies) for dessert. They had cider and homemade egg nog too.

A member of our bishopric and his wife dressed up as Joseph and Emma and looked great. Hyrum and his wife were there as well as Lucy Mack Smith and then a special unexpected guest - Porter Rockwell showed up. It was a delightful evening. They danced the Virginia Reel and the Waltz - Jim and I even danced.

Today, Sunday, we woke up to snow and no church - at least my lesson is ready for next week!!

I'll do a college kid update later today!

Look what it's doing at our house!


I know this is no big deal to all you Utah relatives but look what it's doing at our house right now!!!

They cancelled church too! Just got a call from the Bishop and he is going to make a housecall today for tithing settlement.

Tessa and I decided we are watching White Christmas tonight and drinking hot chocolate!!

We're just a little nervous about getting Jim to the airport in the morning! I am driving him so I can have his car with the studded tires during the week. The temperature is suppose to be in the teens and twenties all week with more snow mid - week!!

Bring home your warm clothes kids!!!!