Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow Week!

Yes, seven days later and it is still snowing. We just got the phone call and church is cancelled again tomorrow. I could get use to this home church thing!

It has snowed hard, all day long today. The wind is blowing and it looks like a blizzard outside. The kids have had fun playing in it - even my big girls!
We had our annual Breakfast with Santa with the neighbors this morning (will post pictures later) and the kids (Quillins and Adams)have spent the whole day here. They've played in the snow, baked cookies and eaten a lot of cookies, watched basketball and are now playing a game. It's been a house full but so fun!
Logan explained to Joe and Declan that I am like grandma - meaning they can eat as much of whatever they want when they are at our house!!

The best part of snow - making snow angels. Both Declan and Tessa made one!

Declan asked me if he could make a funny face in one of my pictures - "Because I am really good at it!' I'd have to agree with him! Wish we could steal him!!

Not only can he make good faces he is also a hard worker!!
And of course - they had to make a snowman! Go Ducks!

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Emily said...

Looks like a ton of fun, wish we were closer, there is way more shoveling going on down here. We might have to dig out the car when you get back boys!