Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Search for the Perfect Prom Dress

The search for the perfect prom dress was on!

Last Monday we headed out after school to our favorite vintage store in Portland - Xtabay.  They have beautiful things and it is where we found Tessa's Homecoming dress.

We found lots of lovely dresses at Xtabay.  This is the first dress Tessa tried on...

We fell in love with it but Tessa just couldn't bring herself to buy the first dress she tried on so we asked them to hold it for us until Friday when we would go out again and look some more.  (This is also what happened with her Homecoming dress.  She ended up buying the first dress she tried on but not until she had looked all over town for something else!)

The dress is a vintage late 50's early 60's dress and it reminds me of something Jackie Kennedy would have worn.  So elegant and classy.

But of course it couldn't be that easy - we couldn't buy the first dress.  So the following Friday was a no school day and I think we hit EVERY vintage clothing shop in Portland and there are quite a few. 
We went out with Tessa's friend Kiley and her mom and had a fun time. 

The girls tried on lots of fun dresses....
This dress was gorgeous but wasn't in the best shape -had quite a few tears and was missing beads.
 I think we liked the dressing room here more than the dress but the dress looked lovely on her too.

 This is the dress Kiley bought - love it with her cute new pixie haircut.

 We loved this dress but just felt it wasn't quite dressy enough for Prom.

 Another beautiful, elegant dress but not quite right....

So, we did buy a dress that day and yes it was the first one she tried on!!  I think we've learned our lesson.
We also found the shoes, earrings, wrap and purse so she is set!!!