Sunday, February 1, 2009

College Kid Catchup

Tessa just told me that I haven't been very good about updating the blog lately - she's right.

Last week I promised you a college kid update but didn't get it done. So here it is -

Cali spent the long weekend last week in Park City with some of her floor mates. One of them lives up there so they stayed at their house. I think they had fun just relaxing and sleeping most of the time. They did do some playing in the snow, a visit to downtown Park City and Cali shared her Sumo Wrestling talents with the group!

This was a busy week for Cali as she prepared for her MDT Auditions.m(music, dance and theater) She had to sing two songs, do two monologues and dance. She called us after the dance audition to say she was still alive!

She worked hard to prepare and her sweet older brother Logan was a big help too. He rehearsed with her and went to auditions with her to offer moral support and then treated her to breakfast afterwards! They are only accepting 16 people iinto the program but Cali felt good about her audition - we are so proud of you CALI!

Logan and the Young Ambassadors have spent the last two weekends traveling to southern Utah for performances in Cedar City and Richfield. Work, school and dating are keeping him busy! We are so excited to see the Young Ambassadors next week!!! We were also glad to hear that Logan had attended a job fair this past week at BYU. He's going to need a job come June when he returns from Scandanavia!!

Clark just returned from a week end in St. George with some of his roommates. They did some hiking and went to the BYU Rugby game (some of his roommates are Rugby players)

Clark's big news for the week was that he was accepted into a study abroad program at Cambridge, England. We are so excited for him. He will spend July and August there taking classes. He has already figured out when the running of the bulls in Spain is and plans a weekend trip! Wish I was going with him (not to see the bulls but to Cambridge) - bet he's probably glad I'm not!

Jim was in town most of the week - just making a day trip to Yakima. It was a pretty normal week around here for us - school, work, rehearsal, more work etc.

I have still not been released from Young Women's so have been doing double duty with my calling. Trying to figure this whole Stake thing out.

It was parent observation at ballet this week so Jim and I went to watch - with all the money we spend on these dance lessons it is nice to be able to see what she is doing once in a while.

Saturday was our ward temple day in preparation for Ward Conference. We attended the temple session, chapel session and then out to dinner with some friends.

We have enjoyed a nice quiet Sabbath today - no extra meetings and only one ward to attend - ours as there were no Ward Conferences.