Sunday, January 25, 2009

Celebrate Portland!

Ever wonder what 1,500 scrapbookers look like?

Probably not - but here it is!!!

Here are some of the fun ladies who spent the day scrapbooking with me! We had a Beach theme for the day.
This was our 8th year of Celebrate Portland - a huge scrapbooking event that I host and coordinate for consultants and customers in the area. I hire a meeting planner who does all of the work! It was a huge success and we raised $4,000 for Make a Wish too!

It was a busy week getting ready for Celebrate as well as two webinars I put on complete with Power Point presentations and four various conference calls I participated in.

Last Sunday I received a new calling. I was called to be the Enrichment Counselor in the Stake Relief Society Presidency. I am very sad not to be in Young Women's anymore but I made the Stake President promise that I could still go to Girl's Camp.

The best part of the calling is I get to work with Jeanne Hansen, the Stake RS President, who I love! I am also looking forward to getting to know a lot of the sisters in the Stake that I don't know.

Had my first assignment today - went to two Ward Conferences. Have two more weeks of Ward Conferences yet to come. I am also in charge of the Stake Senior Sister quarterly Enrichment meetings which is tomorrow. Lots to learn!
I haven't been released from YW's yet so Tessa and I went to a youth fireside tonight and I will still have New Beginnings this week and will teach next Sunday.

Jim had a busy week. Flew to Spokane on Tuesday and home again that night. They almost couldn't land in Spokane due to a layer of frozen fog on the ground - never heard of frozen fog. Wednesday he got up early and flew to Salt Lake where he spent the night and came home Thursday evening. He was able to take the 3 kids out to dinner that evening and have breakfast with Cali in the Cannon Center the next morning. Friday morning he got up early and drove 3 1/2 hours one way to Yakima and back that day.

Tessa survived finals week, a head cold, ballet rehearsal and play rehearsal. I'm trying to squeeze some costume sewing time in this week. Have a can can dress to make!

I'll do a college kid update in a separate email.