Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Two Weddings and a Funeral

Two weddings and a funeral - I think that is a title of a movie, isn't it?  Well, it was actually our last week.

We are packed and ready to go, just waiting for the weather to clear so I thought I'd do a weekly update post.  We did wake up to a little snow on the ground but the bigger problem is the icy roads.  They cancelled school today.

The garden looked rather pretty this morning.

Last week was a busy one.  We attended two weddings (one wedding, one reception).  My friend Cathy's daughter was married last week.  I had done the bridal shower for her.  They were married in a very fun venue down in the Pearl - called Venue Pearl.  Very urban and modern.  The ceremony and reception were there. Everything was lovely and they had a nice sit down dinner afterwards. 

The wedding reception was at one of our church buildings for Nick Goodfellow.  Nick and his father were our home teachers when we first moved into the ward and they remember Tessa running around in her diapers!

The funeral was actually the graveside burial for Megan Smith, who I did the fund raiser party for.  Jim went to the graveside and I organized the luncheon for the family afterwards so was at the church getting everything ready.  It turned out and nice and the family appreciated it.

It was dress rehearsal and show week at Westview - they were doing the 3 Musketeers.  Tessa wasn't in the show but she was a "dresser" for one of the characters so had to be at all the rehearsals and shows.  I went over for two dress rehearsals and took photos since Tessa is the Thespian historian and will need them for the year in review.

I also helped with the YW Standards Night and made the dessert and the handout.  They had a princess theme so wanted the cake to be fairy tale like and I think it turned out pretty amazing myself.
Thursday night I hosted a Stella & Dot jewelry party for my friend Nancy who flew in from California to do it.  I showed her around Portland a bit on Thursday - in between downpours and we had lunch down in the Pearl.  The party was a success and I got lots of free jewelry - yeah!!

Friday was the funeral and wedding reception and then Saturday morning I had a Beach Babe breakfast - love those women.  I made a batch of muffins to take.

Saturday afternoon was a fun craft session with a couple of my friends Meg and Laura and we worked on some fun burlap Christmas pillows and turning our old sweaters into skirts!  So fun.

I also spent some time this week hemming 13 royal blue dresses for one of the choirs at Westview.

Jim and I went to see 3 Musketeers at the high school on Saturday night.  A full and busy week plus getting reading to leave town this week.

It was a jam packed week.

Wish us luck on the drive!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

It's Snowing!

Normally I would be in heaven right now because it is snowing.  I love it when it snows.  But I don't love it this time.

We are suppose to leave for Idaho tomorrow and as of right now it's not looking too good.  They've closed some of the highways and they are telling people to stay off the roads for the next 24 hours or so.  Not good.

Saying a prayer that it's not as bad as they think it's going to be and we can leave tomorrow to go see our kids!!! 

There is also a big storm expected in Utah which we are hoping and praying doesn't prevent the kids from driving up from Provo to meet us in Idaho Falls.

Good thing I have 7 of the Harry Potter books on tape to listen to in the car - it might be a long, cold drive!
Wish us luck and say a prayer!

Playing Dress Up

Several weeks ago Logan had a big event at work and they decided to have an 80's theme.  He and some of the other Corporate Alliance people dressed up.  His boss Jeff is pretty scary looking with his mullet.
Logan went for the Don Johnson look even though he had no idea who Don Johnson is!  When someone walked in and saw him they said Hey Don Johnson and Logan wondered who Don Johnson was, he wasn't on the list for the meeting and he was worried he had forgotten someone.  Guess he never watched any reruns of Miami Vice when he was a kid!!

And then Clark has gotten into dressing up lately - we are not sure what is going on.  Not only did he dress up for Halloween but he also dressed up for the Harry Potter premiere.  Now this is the kid who wouldn't go within 20 feet of the dress up area at Preschool!

Here he is with Lizzy at the Harry Potter movie.

All ready for their first day of school at Hogwarts! So cute!