Monday, November 22, 2010

Playing Dress Up

Several weeks ago Logan had a big event at work and they decided to have an 80's theme.  He and some of the other Corporate Alliance people dressed up.  His boss Jeff is pretty scary looking with his mullet.
Logan went for the Don Johnson look even though he had no idea who Don Johnson is!  When someone walked in and saw him they said Hey Don Johnson and Logan wondered who Don Johnson was, he wasn't on the list for the meeting and he was worried he had forgotten someone.  Guess he never watched any reruns of Miami Vice when he was a kid!!

And then Clark has gotten into dressing up lately - we are not sure what is going on.  Not only did he dress up for Halloween but he also dressed up for the Harry Potter premiere.  Now this is the kid who wouldn't go within 20 feet of the dress up area at Preschool!

Here he is with Lizzy at the Harry Potter movie.

All ready for their first day of school at Hogwarts! So cute!

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Tamara said...

Clark looks so happy. Looking forward to meeting Lizzy. Drive safely.