Thursday, December 11, 2008

College Kids - Holiday Happenings!

So who can guess what I am avoiding this morning!?!?

Here's a few pictures of what the college kids have been up to this past week. Hopefully they are doing a lot of studying too as finals are coming up next week!
Cali and her friends have decided Smart Cookie might make a great home away from home - and I have to say I agree!! I love that place!!

Cali has had fun decking the halls in her dorm room!

Logan and Cali both went to FreezeFest at Seven Peaks where they had fun ice skating!

Cali also was in the running for the Ugliest Sweater contest at her Ward Christmas Party

Clark has had a lot of dates lately with someone - thought I'd share a picture - here she is....

Or should I say He - yes this is the Harold B. Library at BYU where he seems to be spending LOTS of TIME!! We are proud of you Clark but I am sure there are lots of sad girls around BYU wishing you were asking them out on dates!

For the rest of us last week included :
A mammogram for me - YEAH!!
Two days of my Creative Memories Open House
An American Mothers Service Project and Luncheon
My Creative Memories Holiday Breakfast (see yourhomebasedmom for recipes)
A baptism of one of Jim's Primary students
and a bunch of other stuff!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

La Boutique Fantasque!

Again I am avoiding what I really need to do which is marinading 14 pork tenderloins for the Relief Society dinner tomorrow night! I spent the evening delivering food to those who are helping me cook and I'm fighting a major head cold so I decided to just play for a few minutes.

Wanted to share some of the photos of Tessa from the ballet they performed over Thanksgiving weekend. Another mother took the pictures and shared them with me. La Boutique is a french version of the Nutcracker and takes place in a toy shop. Tessa was a can can dancer doll.


They performed downtown in the beautiful Newmark Theater.

They warmed up on the stage before the shows - Tessa is on the far right

The full cast!