Wednesday, December 10, 2008

La Boutique Fantasque!

Again I am avoiding what I really need to do which is marinading 14 pork tenderloins for the Relief Society dinner tomorrow night! I spent the evening delivering food to those who are helping me cook and I'm fighting a major head cold so I decided to just play for a few minutes.

Wanted to share some of the photos of Tessa from the ballet they performed over Thanksgiving weekend. Another mother took the pictures and shared them with me. La Boutique is a french version of the Nutcracker and takes place in a toy shop. Tessa was a can can dancer doll.


They performed downtown in the beautiful Newmark Theater.

They warmed up on the stage before the shows - Tessa is on the far right

The full cast!


Michelle Wilkes said...

How fun! Was the performance just over Thanksgiving, or does it run through the Christmas Season?

Leigh Anne said...

Thank goodness it was only over the holiday weekend!

Emily said...

As always, she looks beautiful! Yesterday was Jacky's small recital, we aren't sure if she will ever come this far :) Wish we were closer so we could come.