Saturday, October 6, 2012

Holiness and Happiness Quote

Another favorite from Saturday's session from my favorite Apostle!

I am a Mormon

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

End of the Summer Dinner

This past weekend we celebrated the end of summer with a neighborhood dinner under the stars.  When Katie, our neighbor suggested a cul de sac dinner I jumped at the chance to volunteer our backyard and another opportunity to use the lights from the Wedding Carnival!

 We set up some tables in a long line in the middle of the yard and covered them with white paper.  We used white dishes and decorated the table with pumpkins from the garden as well as some of the last remaining flowers from the garden.

 We used lots of candles in jars as well as put crayons in some jars so people could draw on the table!

For the menu we had pasta.  I cooked all the noodles and then everyone brought a different sauce - we had a delicious assortment.  Meat sauce, pesto, browned butter and cheese, alfredo and artichoke/olive.  We had ceasar salad, caprese salad, bruschetta and lots of garlic bread.  For dessert there was spumoni ice cream and chocolate cookies.

 Of course the best part of the evening was the company!

Dinner was delicious!  Once the sun set the backyard became magical with the lights and the full moon.

 I think a new tradition has been born!