Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Show Week In Utah

Last week was show week!  That means I get to go to Utah for the week and be Cali's assistant.  Her dhow Charlotte's Web opened this last week and it was fun to be there to take photos of dress rehearsal, see opening night and help her with all her last minute errands which included five trips to Costco!

The kids did a great job and the set and costumes turned out great!

I love it when I walk into the school and hear the kids yell out - Hi Mama Wilkes!  It is very evident how much they adore Miss Wilkes too.  It is nice to hear from parents too how much they love her!

The Wynn Wilkes went with me opening night to see the show along with Ashley and Logan.  We were able to met David and Tricia for dinner before the show at Cubby's.  It wa fun to visit with them for a bit.

While I was there I was able to attend a blogger event one night which was fun.  I also got to go to Oteo, one of my favorite Utah restaurants with Logan, Cali and Ashley.  I also checked out a new bakery in Provo - The Might Baker and bought myself a few treats!

While the other kids were at their Mulan play rehearsal I took Addi on a date.  I surprised her and we went to Taco Amigo for her favorite - Nachos Supreme and french fries!  She was a happy girl and even shared with me.

Before I headed to the airport I was able to see part of Ward and Jacky's Mulan rehearsal.  Wish I was there to see the real show but it was the next week.  They did a great job and looked so cute!

Logan and Ashley kindly took me to the airport only to realize my flight was not out Friday night, it was out Saturday night!  Can't believe I did that!!!  Logan and Ashley were very nice about it and I got to tag along on their date. We had a delicious dinner at Pallette and then some yummy gelato.

I then got a hotel near the airport that had a shuttle and I flew out the next morning!  I was glad to be home but it was a fun trip!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Utah Weekend - Tea at the Grand America

One thing I have always wanted to do while I was in Utah was to have tea at The Grand America.  It finally happened this trip.

Cali and Ashley joined me and we had a wonderful time.  The only thing wrong was that Tessa wasn't there to enjoy it with us.

The tea room is beautiful and we had a sofa in a cozy corner.

The tea started out with yummy strawberries and cream.  I had a delicious orange spice herbal tea

The waiter brought over this seed pod in some hot water and we watched it bloom into a flower.
You can drink the water, it makes a kind of tea.

Cali gave it a try and so did I - it tasted nasty!

The next course was savory sandwiches and scones.  So many choices!  The scones with lemon curd and cream were my favorite.

They even put a gluten free plate together for Cali!  Next was the sweets - so many yummy choices.  The macarons were my favorite of course!

It was a delightful and relaxing way to spend the afternoon and it was fun to spend it with Cali and Ashley.  I loved getting to know Ashley better!

Earlier that morning I had gone to see Addi's soccer team play.  It worked out that her team was playing Nicky's team so I got to see them both play!
They both made goals!

I met David and Tricia for an early dinner at Cubby's and it was fun to catch up with them.  I then met Cali, Emily and the girl's at Taco Amigo so Addi could have her Supreme Nachos and I got another peach shake!!  There was  BYU football game that night so we headed over to BYU to go bowling since we figured no one would be around and we were right!

What would an evening of bowling be without a dance party!

Think we used up all her smiles!
I love spending time with these girls!!!  Sunday we went to church and there was a Regional Conference.  Then Logan, Ashley and Cali came over to The Compound for dinner and we celebrated Baker's birthday and I headed home to airport to fly home!!

Love spending time with my family!!

Utah Weekend - The Lantern Fest

After we were finished ziplining we headed back down the canyon and met Ashley at Wild Zucchini for dinner.  This was my first time trying it and it was good - owned by the Cafe Rio people but I prefer Cafe Rio!

From there we drove 1 1/2 hours out to Grantsville which is in the middle of no where to go to the Lantern Fest. It was out in the salt flats.   It was so cool.  Between 5,000 and 6,000 people setting off floating lanterns all at the same time.

When you checked in they gave you a paper lantern, a stick for roasting marshmallows and a box with S'more ingredients.  They had firepits set up all over the place and tiki torches for light.  There was a band playing music and dancing.

We  thought they were settintg off the lanterns at ten but when we arrived at about 8:40 they announced they were setting them off at 9:00 pm so we were glad we made it in time!

Lighting them was a bit tricky as there was some wind.

It was truly magical.    They even played the Tangled movie music when the lanterns were going up!