Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday

We enjoyed a nice Easter weekend.  We started the weekend off by checking out a new restaurant.  It was listed as one of Portland's Top 100 Cheap Eats.  We are always up for a good cheap eats and it was also in Hillsboro so it was close.  It was called Amelias and it was a yummy little Mexican place.

 They advertised it as Southern California style Mexican Food.  Jim and I both had their fish tacos and they were good but not quite as good as all the ones we had eaten in San Diego.  The portions were huge!  Each dinner was served in a 9 x 13 dish! Their salsa came with homemade corn tortillas that were delicious.

Saturday we enjoyed watching conference while getting some yard work and errand running done in between sessions.  I did some food prep for Easter and made our annual lemon angel pie.  It isn't Easter without lemon angel pie.

I also made a caramel cake which was a last minute addition to the menu.  I was in the mood for cake.

After Priesthood session we went to Joni Burk's 50th birthday party and got to see their beautiful new home they just moved into.

For Easter we had invited the Sanders family over.  They have four darling little kids.  I had had two of the girls in Activity Days.

When they arrived Jim had set up a String Easter Egg hunt just like we use to do for our kids.
The kids loved it.  He even color coded their eggs so each child had a specific color.

We then had Easter Brunch which included ham, potatoes, asparagus, celestial salad, fruit salad, orange rolls, and quiche.  And then dessert.

We listened to the afternoon session of conference together and I had put together a conference bingo for the kids and had a fun Easter coloring sheet covering the whole kitchen table that they could color on.

I really miss my kids on holidays so it was fun to have some kids there to celebrate with us - and their parents.

Grateful for this Easter season and the amazing sacrifice our Savior made for us.  

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Wedding Weeking

The girls came home for the March  21st weekend for the wedding of Caitie Osborne, our neighbor.  Jim didn't know Tessa was coming home so it was fun to see his face when she walked into the house.  I had told Jim I was going shoe shopping and went to the airport to get her!

Cali arrived home the next morning.  It was wonderful having both girls home and it was such a fun weekend.  Our house misses them and so do we.

Saturday was the wedding and the girls and I went over in the afternoon to help set up.  I was in charge of decorating the mantel where the ceremony would take place.

The bride was beautiful and the groom was handsome.  We love Rainer and are so excited for he and Caitie.  Rainer has joined us for the last several Christmas Eves and he is always a good sport!

I loved the charm with Mike's picture that was added to Caitie's bouquet.
The wedding and reception was held at The Foundry in Lake Oswego, a pretty venue right on the river.
It was fun being there with all the cul de sac crazies!

We love these people!  I love it when we are all back together!

The girls weren't home for long but we managed to fit a few card games in.  We played samba one night and I had the most amazing hand!  I was dealt 7 wildcards - no cheating!!  I t hen drew another wild card on my first draw!!  Figured it was worth documenting.  Don't think it will ever happen again.  What are the odds?
Cali informed us while she was home that she would be playing in their faculty/student basketball game at school the next week.  Since she hadn't played basketball since the 5th grade Jim insisted we all go out to the cul de sac and play a little 2 on 2 and practice shooting.

She wasn't as bad as we thought she might be:)!!
It was a fun but fast weekend and I was sad to send the girls back to Utah on Monday!  Before heading to the airport we met Jim for lunch at Pieology.  Hannah joined us too.  This picture  just makes my mommy heart happy!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Weekend in Utah

I just returned from a weekend in Utah and while there I made a committment to my cute niece Jacky that I would once again start blogging here!
Who could turn down that cute little face!

I arrived in town in time to head over to Cali's school and watch the Faculty/Student Basketball game.  I didn't have a hard time spotting Cali!
No doubt she is the drama teacher!! Considering she hasn't played basketball since the 5th grade she didn't do too bad.  She made several shots and had fun.  There were lots of "Go Miss Wilkes" from the audience.

She even had her own fan club!
The main purpose of my trip was to attend a Family History retreat in Heber.  I got so inspired at Roots Tech that I wanted to keep the momentum going.  I attended the retreat with all these ladies.
The weekend was hosting by these two darling ladies.

We stayed in this darling retreat house owned by Crystal who was one of the hosts for the weekend.
Every bedroom was darling and I wanted to move right in.
We spent the weekend talking family history, how to do it  and how to share through social media and other ways.  I came home with a long to do list of things I want to do!
In addition to lots of info and inspiration there was yummy food and treats too,.

I left the retreat early on Saturday afternoon so I could attend the General Women's Broadcast with Tessa.  Cali was hosting a bridal shower later that evening so she didn't have time to go all the way to SLC with us.  We missed her.

Tessa and I met at Pizza Limone before the broadcast.  It is one of my newest favorite places to eat in Utah. 

It was fun to be able to attend the broadcast in the conference center with at least one of my daughters.  Thanks to Emily for sharing her tickets with us.

It was a beautiful spring evening on Temple Square.

After the broadcast we walked over to City Creek where we found a dress for Tessa to wear at graduation.  We then headed back down to Provo and stopped at Rita's for some yummy dessert.