Thursday, September 1, 2011

The 100 Dresses

Cali is going to have a busy semester.  In addition to being assistant stage manager for The Elephant Man she found out this week that she will also be performing in a show at BYU!!

She has the part of the teacher/mother in BYU's children's theater production of The 100 Dresses.  It is a sweet and touching story and if you haven't read the book you should.

 The show begins performing the end of this month and then tours throughout the area performing at elementary schools through December.  The show will perform at BYU in the Nelke Theater from Oct. 12 - 22nd.  I'll be there the last couple of nights and hopefully Jim too.  Can't wait to see it and so proud of you Cali Girl!!

First Day of School and Provo Visit

All three college kids are back in school!

Tessa started her freshman year, Cali her junior/senior year and Clark is first year of law school!

We arrived in Provo on Saturday and got Tessa moved into her dorm.  She will be living at Helaman Halls.

 Here is her first day of classes outfit!

 Tessa has a daring roommate from Atlanta who also has a darling accent.  They have hit it off great!

 We got her room all set up and decorated.

Cali looked cute on her first day of classes too!!  I grabbed a photo of her in the law school parking lot.  At least I got the Y in the background!  Cali is living in the same apartment she and Tessa lived in this summer.

 We also got to check out Clark's new home....
Yes, this is where he will be spending the majority of his time the next 3 years.  More than his apartment I am sure.  He did manage to squeeze out a little time for us and joined us for a few meals.

He even let his mother take a photo of him for his first day of school even though it wasn't the first day of school.  Law school had started a week earlier.
We did go visit him one day while he was studying and checked out his new cubicle.

 They are assigned cubicles and the drawers lock so Clark keeps a private stash of candy!  Any contributions are greatly welcomed and encouraged!

I stayed out with Wynn and Emily in their beautiful new home.  On Sunday Emily h ad all the kids over for dinner and we went over to the temple and took pictures of Jacki in her baptism dress which I'll post later.  She gets baptized next Saturday.

On Saturday night the girls, Logan and I went to dinner at a fun BBQ place and then Logan treated us to the Brian McKnight concert at the Scera.  It was great and the lightening storm in the background added for extra ambiance!
I spent Monday and Tuesday running errands and hanging out with the kids when they weren't in class or working.

We also ate a lot of shaved ice while I was there - it was so hot.  There is a great little stand just across the street from Tessa's dorm and Clark's landlord owns it with her daughter.,

The kids and I also enjoyed dinner at Malawi Pizza before they all headed out to attend their Ward opening socials.  Logan stayed and hung out with his mom.
On Tuesday Emily and I ran up to Salt Lake to check out Standard Restaurant Supply.  It was a good thing I was flying home and didn't have much room in my suitcase or I could have done some serious damage.
I flew back to Portland Tuesday evening.  Tessa and her roommate drove me to the airport and arrived back in Provo safe and sound!!!  Thanks girls!!

Only been home a day and  half and I'm missing my kids so much already!!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sauvie's Island

A few days before the girls headed back to Utah we decided to have a neighborhood peach picking party out on Sauvie's Island.  We loaded up the cars with picking containers and  picnic lunch.  The only problem was they weren't picking peaches that day!  Guess we hit it on ripening day. 
 We made the best of it and decided to pick blueberries and corn instead!

I couldn't resist a few u-pick flowers either!

From there we headed over to the  beach on the island and had a picnic and the kids enjoyed the water for a while!

So fun!  How did we get so lucky to have such amazing neighbors!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Neighborhood Bunco

Thursday night we had a neighborhood girls only Bunco night at the Osbornes. 

Cali decided we were going to have crazy hat night at Bunco so she rounded up a bunch of crazy hats for people to wear.

And of course there was lots of good food.
And lots of fun and laughs!  I won for the longest winning streak!