Thursday, September 1, 2011

The 100 Dresses

Cali is going to have a busy semester.  In addition to being assistant stage manager for The Elephant Man she found out this week that she will also be performing in a show at BYU!!

She has the part of the teacher/mother in BYU's children's theater production of The 100 Dresses.  It is a sweet and touching story and if you haven't read the book you should.

 The show begins performing the end of this month and then tours throughout the area performing at elementary schools through December.  The show will perform at BYU in the Nelke Theater from Oct. 12 - 22nd.  I'll be there the last couple of nights and hopefully Jim too.  Can't wait to see it and so proud of you Cali Girl!!

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Anonymous said...

Love, love this book. Several wards I know of have used this as a theme and had the goal to get 100dresses to donate to a local charity. Wish we lived closr and could join you at the play. GO CALI! Hugs from WA! Tamara