Sunday, September 9, 2007

Back to School!

Well - it's official. They are all back in school! The boys are back in Provo and settled into their apartments and have their class schedules figured out. Logan has started back to Young Ambassador practice and is excited that in the Tarzan number he gets to swing out on a bungee cord!

After only one week in school Clark has decided to change his major - from Political Science to Latin American Area Studies after attending a law seminar. His plans are now to attend law school after completing his undergraduate.

The girls looked darling on their first day of school even after all the stressing over the first day of school outfit. All went well the first week and Tessa easily transitioned into high school. Having an older sister there and knowing all of her friends surely helped! Not too much homework this week but I am sure that will change soon. Both girls seem to like their classes although Tessa is a little worked about Spanish 2 and Cali about AP Music Theory. She has 3 AP classes this year so she has her work cut out for her. She is working towards an Honor diploma. In addtion to the classes she needs to complete an honors project which is similar to a Eagle Project. It requires 50 hours of time. Cali is raising money to buy the supplies to make faceless dolls for the childrens hospital. The doctors use them to show the children where they will be having surgery etc.

Wednesday I attended the Stake Relief Society Temple day with my friend Jeannena and then joined a group of women for lunch at Olive Garden afterwards.

Jim was in town all week, no travel time. It really was a quiet week. I took advantage of the kids being gone to do some organizing and cleaning out of my office. All the piles that had accumulated over the summer, cleaning out my email inbox etc. I got back into my walking schedule too.

Thursday I made a yummy tomato tart for a birthday brunch I went too. Used fresh tomatoes and basil out of the garden. It is definitely tomato time around here. Made bruschetta for dinner today. Lots more tomatoes to ripen soon so better get out all those tomato recipes - anyone have one to share??
Saturday the girls and I attended a Stake Youth activity. We went to Haag Lake and did a cleanup around the lake. The weather was perfect. They only had latex gloves and since I am allergic I got out of the trash patrol and helped with the lunch preparationn- darn! There was a youth dance that evening too. It was Tessa's first dance. She had fun and was asked to dance several times. I guess boys only ask the girls to dance on the slow songs and they all just dance together as a group during the fast songs?!?! Jim worked hard in the garden all day, digging out trees, planting new ones and other various plants that have accumulated over the past few weeks. Jim and I were old boring folks and stayed home and read that evening.
We are enjoying our Indian Summer. It never fails, the weather the first couple weeks of school is usually better than it's been most of the summer - in the 90's all week!
Hope all is well with all of you!! Leave us a comment and let us know how you are.
Leigh Anne