Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Meet Miss Minchin

Little Princess officially opens tomorrow!  They did two performances for elementary schools today.  Tessa was a little sad when she didn't get a lot of applause but boo's instead!  I told her that was a good thing because the kids actually believed she was mean!! 

Please leave Tessa some "break a leg" messages for opening night!

Please meet Miss Minchin!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Homecoming 2009

Tessa decided at the last minute - two days before - that she would go to the school Homecoming dance.  She went with three of her cute girlfriends.

One of the girls, Katie Jo came over earlier in the evening to get ready with Tessa.
 They had a fun time doing hair and make up together.

Of course the paparazzi were out in force!

Tessa looked beautiful in her dress and new red high heels!

And I felt like a midget next to her!

After the dance they went over to a friends house for a while and she was home before midnight!

The Red Shoes

On Thursday of this past week Tessa decided she was going to Homecoming.  Prior to that everytime I had asked her she assured me she wasn't going - well she changed her mind. 

Fortunately for both of us she found one of Cali's old Homecoming dresses that she liked and fit her - dress problem solved.  The only thing she didn't have (Jim just didn't get this part) was the right pair of shoes to wear with the dress.  She decided she wanted to wear red shoeswith the white and black dress.  Now she has 2-3 pairs of red shoes in her closet but of course they weren't the "right" red shoes.

We only had two days to find the perfect red shoes.

Friday, while Tessa was in school, I checked out Target, Nordstrom Rack and Payless for red shoes.  Fortunately for me and Tessa I found what I thought was the perfect pair of red shoes at Payless (fortunate for my budget too!)

I bought the size I thought would fit her and ran them over to the high school - it just happened to  be her lunch hour and I had her try them on - they fit perfect and she liked them!  Yeah!!

What is it about a good pair of red shoes - love em'!

Guess Kelly Pickler said it best....

"Nobody holds a candle to me in my red high heels