Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Meet Miss Minchin

Little Princess officially opens tomorrow!  They did two performances for elementary schools today.  Tessa was a little sad when she didn't get a lot of applause but boo's instead!  I told her that was a good thing because the kids actually believed she was mean!! 

Please leave Tessa some "break a leg" messages for opening night!

Please meet Miss Minchin!


dawn said...

Drew & I will see you Friday. Can't wait!

Michelle Wilkes said...

Wow! I didn't think someone as nice as Tessa could pull off such a mean role- but wow! You look really mean in those pictures! Break a leg! Wish we could see it!

Cali said...

Break a Leg tessa!! The girls in these pictures look really scared of you. Wish I was there.

Tamara said...

Break a leg, Tessa! It's hard to imagine you as mean. . . . .Have a ball--wish we were there to cheer you on. Hugs from Uncle Richard, Aunt Tamara, and all the Reber's.

Emily said...

I didn't know you had those faces in you! But yet you still look as beautiful as ever. We really need to live closer to each other!!! We love you!