Tuesday, November 4, 2008

College Kids - Halloween!

So here is a quick college Halloween update!

Cali, her roommate and some of the other girls on her floor came up with a darling idea for their costumes -they were unicorns. They had matching dresses and tights and made unicorn horns for their heads and had cute ribbon tails. They had fun at their ward Halloween party and also dressed up on Halloween night.

Logan went to a Young Ambassador party. He spent a lot of time and effort on his costume!

He was The Beast - post transformation! He also went on a group date with some of the Young Ambassadors to some type of pumpkin patch/corn maze/ I can't remember what he told me!

Clark had three dates the weekend before Halloween with all kinds of Halloween activities - a cornmaze, haunted forest (am I remembering right Clark?) and pumpkin carving.

No pictures though - I guess Clark and none of his friends like taking pictures!:(

Monday, November 3, 2008

Wilkes Weekly Dinner Plan

This is for you Emily

Tuesday - Bajio's Green Chili Chicken Salad (this is a new recipe I'm trying out and if it's as good as or nearly as good as the real thing I will post it on Friday on Your Homebased Mom!)

Thursday - Green Chili Chicken Quesadillas (leftovers from Tuesday

Friday - out of town

Saturday - Jim and Tessa on their own

Happy Cooking!

While We Were Gone

Thought I'd share what Tessa was up to while we were in Utah! She was having fun.

She spent Halloween with Hannah and it looks like they had fun!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Utah Report

Jim and I just arrived home from our long weekend in Utah. Jim had business there Thursday and Friday so I tagged along on a frequent flier ticket so we could both be there for opening night of Logan's Young Ambassador show and to celebrate Cali's birthday with her this weekend - she turns 19 tomorrow!!!! One more year of being a teenager Cali!

She celebrated by voting in her very first Presidential election! Go Cali! I am proud of how conscientious and thorough she was with her voting. Her dad went over all the local, county and state candidates and issues with her before she made her decisions.

Jim flew in first thing Thursday morning and I flew in midafternoon - thanks to my friend Jeannena for taking me to the airport!!

We went and picked up Cali and 2 of her floormates and took them to dinner at a fun little hole in the wall restaurant just off of Center Street in Provo - Sammy's. Clark met us there.

We enjoyed delicious hamburgers and yummy beer battered fries and sweet potato fries.
Cali and her friends Heidi and Brittany were excited to see this guy there...

For dessert we experienced our first PieShake - yes, they put a piece of pie in the blender with the ice cream and blend it up! They had pumpkin pie, banana cream pie - we chose chocolate oreo pie and oreo mint pie. They were yummy. We are definitely giving this a try at Thanksgiving with our pumpkin pie!!

After dinner Clark went off to his intramural football game and the rest of us headed down to Spanish Fork for Logan's show.

It was an awesome show! And I know I am his mother but can I just say Logan was wonderful!! His Billy Joel number got huge applause and he was truly amazing! His Michael Buble solo - "Everything" was just as wonderful - I didn't want it to stop! I can't wait to go back in February to see the show again.

The closing number is from Tarzan and Logan is a tree - he looked pretty uncomfortable walking around the stage on those stilts and with a huge headdress on!! We are glad he stayed upright!!
David and Tricia and family joined Thursday night as well as Emily and one of her friends

Friday we went out to Wynn's house to have breakfast with Jim's sister Jayna who was in town for a few hours on her way up to Idaho Falls to spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa Wilkes. It was fun to see her even if it was only for an hour or so!

I met Logan and Cali for lunch (Jim had appointments in SLC and Clark had class). Cali and I spent the afternoon running some errands and doing a little shopping.

We celebrated Cali's birthday with dinner Friday night at her favorite Italian restaurant in Provo. She had her favorite - Fettuccine Alfredo and the accordion player and waiters sang Happy Birthday to her!

After dinner we headed out to David and Tricia's so the boys could watch the Blazer game.

Saturday Jim and Logan went golfing with Cade and David. Cali, Leigh Anne, Tricia, Emily, Jacki and Addie headed out for some shopping.

We made a stop at my favorite - Tai Pan Trading - to see all the amazing Christmas decorations!!! I had to have a lot of self control but I did manage to pick up a few new things for the Christmas tree. We then went to Gardner Village to see all the fun Halloween decorations and have lunch.

Cali had fun chasing Addie and Jacki around with the camera and took lots of darling pictures of them.

We so wish they lived closer!

Jim, Clark and I grabbed a quick dinner at Los Hermanos before heading to the YA show at Orem High School. Cali was on a group date with a friend of her cousin Marcus. They had pizza first and then went to the YA show and then played games afterwards.

Thanks to all the Wilkes family for coming out in force for Logan's show and supporting him. It was fun to see Max and Margene, Julie and Geoff, Lane and Chelsea, Wynn and Emily and all the Wilkes cousins!!
We went to church with Cali this morning and then headed to the airport. We had a wonderful weekend and are proud of all three of our wonderful children!!!
You may be wondering where Tessa was during all of this!? Well, according to her we abandoned her!
Yes she had to stay home. She had mandatory rehearsal for their holiday ballet.
She had a sleepover Thursday night with two friends as there was no school on Friday and then she hung out with Hannah the rest of the weekend - when she wasn't at dance rehearsal.

Saturday night she had was able to go to a fireside with Elder Oaks who was here this weekend.
Thanks to Marsha for picking her up at rehearsal and taking her.
We are happy to be home and get to bed before midnight!!