Tuesday, November 4, 2008

College Kids - Halloween!

So here is a quick college Halloween update!

Cali, her roommate and some of the other girls on her floor came up with a darling idea for their costumes -they were unicorns. They had matching dresses and tights and made unicorn horns for their heads and had cute ribbon tails. They had fun at their ward Halloween party and also dressed up on Halloween night.

Logan went to a Young Ambassador party. He spent a lot of time and effort on his costume!

He was The Beast - post transformation! He also went on a group date with some of the Young Ambassadors to some type of pumpkin patch/corn maze/ I can't remember what he told me!

Clark had three dates the weekend before Halloween with all kinds of Halloween activities - a cornmaze, haunted forest (am I remembering right Clark?) and pumpkin carving.

No pictures though - I guess Clark and none of his friends like taking pictures!:(

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Tamara said...

Fun, fun! Thanks for sharing with us!