Monday, June 8, 2009

Father's Day - One Week Early

Father's Day came a week early at our house. We celebrated last Sunday so that all four kids would be home. Logan went back to Provo Sunday evening.

Jim didn't seem to mind. We fixed a yummy dinner of ribs, baked beans, roasted asparagus, broccoli salad, garlic knots and strawberry pie - for recipes check out
Logan did the grilling of these amazing ribs...

Clark really enjoyed them!

And then we had this yummy strawberry pie with fresh strawberries from the Farmer's Market. It was so good!!!!

And then there was present opening Jim got some new hiking shorts and shirt as well as a new golf shirt.

After dinner the girls did clean up (usually the boys job!) and Jim took Logan to the airport . He is back safe and sound in Provo and we miss him already!!

After my little blogging spree the past few days we will be taking a little time off to get ready for Girl's Camp which is next week. Tessa is a counselor this year and has lots to do which means I have lots to do. Jim and I are headed to Arizona on Friday for Tamara's wedding - can't wait to see everyone!!!

Ballet Week

This past week was ballet week!

Tessa had rehearsal/class five days and four performances. The whole family went on Thursday night and then Jim, Leigh Anne, Cali and Logan went again on Saturday afternoon. Once was enough for Clark. We got her class's ballet on video but could only get the first part of the video to download. Unfortunately you won't get to see any of her fancy jumps or pirouettes.

Tessa is the one on the left. We didn't have great seats so it was hard to get decent pictures

Jim and Logan had gone to Seattle on Friday night for a Mariner's game and they went down to Pike's Market and brought two huge bouquets of flowers home with them One for me for our anniversary and one for Tessa

Tessa and her Level 4 Ballet Class

The girl's did a great job! Tessa is taking the summer off and not doing the Intensive Summer program. She is not sure what she will do in the Fall. She and Cali are signed up for Jazz/Contemporary dance class this summer.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wedding Annivesary

Saturday was our 28th Wedding Anniversary. Hard to believe!! How did we get this old??!!

After our trip to the Farmer's Market and Tessa's ballet performance we celebrated by going out to dinner with the whole family since it was Logan's last night home.

We headed over to the East for dinner at one of our favorite places - Ken's Artisan Pizzeria. Yummy, wood oven baked pizza.

My favorite pizza was the Herb and Onion

No surprise - the boys preferred the fennel sausage and onion

and the Italian pepperoni - can't remember it's name.

While we were waiting for our dinner I had a little photo shoot with Tessa - I told her she was looking very Audrey Hepburn - esque.

OK so may not quite so Audrey Hepburn - esque....

After dinner Tessa was going to the Theater Awards at school - where she won Best Company Member in Joseph and Clark needed to get home to do some reading so they left (we were there with two cars)

Cali had a senior piano recital of a friend to go to downtown at the Old Church so we were going to drop her off there.

We had some time to waste before it started so Logan wanted to drive over by Laurelhurst Park - "his park". We took a nice walk through the park. Remembering lots of wonderful times spent in the park when the kids were little.

One of their favorite activities was feeding the ducks at the pond.

After dropping Cali off we headed home. The boys watched a movie and I got some things done on the computer - so romantic!