Friday, July 1, 2011

Hot Air Balloons

So I think I am finally caught up with all my blog posts - wow!

On the Saturday after I got back from Utah, our first Saturday as empty nesters we decided to go to Tigard to see the Hot Air Balloons take off. This happens every year but we hadn't been for a long time - since before Tessa was born we think!  We went quite often when the boys were little but then we would talk about it every year but not make it. 

We called our empty nester friends the Jensens and asked them if they'd like to get up at 5:30 a.m. and head out to Tigard with us - lucky for us they said use.

It was a perfect day for a hot air balloon ride - only we weren't riding.  Just watching.  But it was a perfect day for watching too.

The colors of the balloons were amazing and the whole thing made for some fun picture taking!

After all the balloons were launched we headed over to the Original Pancake House for breakfast and I ate this!

A cinnamon apple dutch baby - let's just say it was amazing.  And don't worry,  I didn't eat the whole thing but between the four of us it managed to disappear!

Totally Tessa Goes to College

What would the first day of school be like without some first day of school photos!!

Fortunately mom was there to take some!!!

The Move In

We were able to start moving the girls in Saturday evening.  Let's just say they have a lot of stuff!!

We also got all of Cali's stuff moved out of Logan's garage.  Let's just say she has a lot of stuff!!!

We managed to fit most of it into their apartment with the help of a lot of organizing bins from Wal Mart and Target.  Fortunately their apartment has storage down in the basement so we were able to put all their of season clothing down there.

Here's Tessa on her new college apartment bed with her cute new bedding from IKEA.

She didn't have her walls decorated yet but it was looking pretty cute.  Including some cute new pillows her mom had made for her.

There was just one minor mishap moving in - a little run in with Cali's jewelry holder!
Sunday we went to church with Logan because he was singing in a quartet in Sacrament meeting and then we all had dinner out at David & Tricia's for Father's Day.  The boys joined us.

Monday was Tessa's first day of school so we dropped her off on campus and Cali off at work and Hannah and I ran some errands - another trip to WalMart.

That night we met the boys for dinner and then went to a move at the Dollar Show which is now two dollars!

Tuesday was more of the same - more school, more work and more trips to WalMart!!!

Hannah and I headed home early Wednesday morning.

Checking In

We headed to Provo early Friday morning.  We took our time getting there so didn't arrive until about 8:30 p.m. at night.  We took Hannah with us so she could help me drive home - we love our neighbors.  We stayed at David and Tricia's while we were there.

On Saturday we headed into Provo to get Tessa her student ID and her books.  We had a little mix up with their apartment and weren't able to move in until later that day.  But we ran some errands to pick up some things they were going to need in the meantime.

She's official!

We then headed up to the bookstore to pick up her textbooks - She only has 2 1/2 classes (one is .5 credit on line).  $200.00 for her textbooks and four people to help her find them.

Then we did a little Father's Day shopping downstairs in all the BYU logo wear.  The boys both found something for Jim for Father's Day - a BYU polo and a pair of running shorts.

The girls had to show their BYU spirit (at least Cali and Tessa!)

It was getting quite warm in Provo so of course we had to stop for some shave ice!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Neighborhood Goodbye

At the last minute we decided to have a neighborhood potluck BBQ to say goodbye to Tessa.  Fortunately, just about everyone could make it except for a couple of the husbands.

We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and everyone brought something to share.  We use the left over Italian soda bar and s'mores so the kids loved that.

We are so blessed with wonderful neighbors!!


The kids had fun playing volleyball.

Of course we had to take a group shot of the cul de sac kids!

Our Graduate

So Tessa indulged me a bit.  I want to take some pictures of her in her cap and gown in front of the school.  So a few days before we left for Provo we found some time.  The sky was a little bit too sunny but we just waited for the sun to behind a few clouds.

Not sure she enjoyed it but I did!