Friday, July 1, 2011

The Move In

We were able to start moving the girls in Saturday evening.  Let's just say they have a lot of stuff!!

We also got all of Cali's stuff moved out of Logan's garage.  Let's just say she has a lot of stuff!!!

We managed to fit most of it into their apartment with the help of a lot of organizing bins from Wal Mart and Target.  Fortunately their apartment has storage down in the basement so we were able to put all their of season clothing down there.

Here's Tessa on her new college apartment bed with her cute new bedding from IKEA.

She didn't have her walls decorated yet but it was looking pretty cute.  Including some cute new pillows her mom had made for her.

There was just one minor mishap moving in - a little run in with Cali's jewelry holder!
Sunday we went to church with Logan because he was singing in a quartet in Sacrament meeting and then we all had dinner out at David & Tricia's for Father's Day.  The boys joined us.

Monday was Tessa's first day of school so we dropped her off on campus and Cali off at work and Hannah and I ran some errands - another trip to WalMart.

That night we met the boys for dinner and then went to a move at the Dollar Show which is now two dollars!

Tuesday was more of the same - more school, more work and more trips to WalMart!!!

Hannah and I headed home early Wednesday morning.

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