Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sail Away Graduation Party

This was our second graduation party - the one for all the school friends.  They had about 80 people RSVP on Facebook and we probably had just about that many.  It was fun to have a backyard full of kids.

We also made a fun invite for this party too!

Cali was my big helper and she made this fun boat out of a cardboard box!

 We had fun decorating for the party - especially making the big balloon banner.  Fortunately we had a hand pump to pump all the balloons.  Rachel's mother Scarlet came over to help with it and the cupcake baking!  Lizzy came over on Saturday and helped me decorate all the cupcakes - she was so much help and then my friend Marsha came over before the party and just pitched right in and helped with all the last minute chaos!!

The Italian Soda bar was a huge hit!

We also had all kinds of yummy cupcakes and chips and dips and Cracker Jack and Candy too.  Later on when it cooled down we had a fire and they made s'mores.

We also had a photobooth which was a huge hit.  The kids took pictures all night.

The kids just had fun sitting around talking and playing badmitton on the lawn.

 And there was a lot of hugging going on!

Love my girls.

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