Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wet and Wild Wilkes'

After we enjoyed our yummy dinner at the food carts we headed back to the westside of town.  As we were crossing the bridge over the river I suggested we stop and take a walk down the waterfront as it was a beautiful and warm evening.

We really do live in a beautiful city...
We had a lovely stroll along the river and were headed back to the car when we walked by this fountain.

Logan had a great idea - he and Cali should run through it!



They got a little wet!

Tessa decided not to join the crazy pair!

Then the kids decided it would be really cool if mom and dad would run through the fountain!
 I think Jim was SHOCKED when I said - let's do it!  I'm getting wild and crazy in my old age!
The people sitting around the fountain watching thought it was a good idea too and they helped Logan count to three - 1 - 2 - 3!


We did it - rain through a fountain in downtown Portland in our clothes!  (Better than not in our clothes I guess!!!)

We got wet too!

Logan had to call Clark right away to let him know what his crazy parents had just done!

The ride home was a little wet but it actually felt good because it was a really hot night!

What the Wilkes family won't do for a little fun!!

Our Culinary Tour of Portland

Friday everyone else was busy so Logan and I headed out to discover a new lunch spot.  I had seen the Slow Bar featured on a blog I often read.  It was the picture of the hamburger that caught our attention.

Now that is a burger!!!  Logan couldn't wait to try it.

Logan sent Clark a photo of it through his phone.  Wishing you had been there Clark!!

Logan managed to eat the whole thing!
I opted for the much more ladylike pizzette.  It was yummy too!

It's hard to believe you could ever be hungry again after eating the Slow Burger but we were ready for dinner that evening.

We decided to go over to the eastside and check out the food cart pod on Hawthorne.  One of the food carts has been featured on food network and a few other places.
 We decided we needed to try something from about every food cart so we decided to share.

We had fresh cut fries from the Potato Champion with raspberry chiptole sauce and pesto mayo.

And then two types of pizza from Pyro Pizza.  They have a wood burning oven in their food cart!

And Tessa decided on a taste of Paris with a strawberry and cream cheese crepe served just like they do in Paris.

 It was all yummy but I think everyone's favorite was the Whiffie's Fried Pies.

.They reminded Logan of the empanadas he use to eat in Argentina except these were bigger.  We tried 3 different kinds.  BBQ beef and mozarella, marionberry and peanut butter fluff with chocolate chips.  They were all so good!!
Hard to believe we could still be hungry after all of that but we decided we needed to cool off with some gelato on such a hot summer evening so we headed over to Staccato Gelato.
  They have so many yummy flavors it was hard to choose.

Everyone managed to narrow it down to two flavors (they are small scoops)  I think almost everyone got orange creamsicle which was amazing.  We are still talking about it!  It was a lovely way to spend the evening.  Sitting outside, eating gelato!
Things just got more exciting from there.....

Waffle Window Stop

Logan flew into Portland Thursday morning.  One of his good friends from high school is getting married this weekend.  The girls and I went to the airport to pick him up and of course a stop at the Waffle Window on the way home was a must!

We had a hard time deciding which one to get so we got four of them!  One of our favorites is the 3 B's - basil, bacon and brie.  So good.

We also got a berry bliss, a hot fudge sundae waffle

and we tried a new one the bananarama.  A waffle covered in bananas, whip cream and caramel. 
Tessa doesn't wait - she just digs in!
We missed you Clark but we are so happy to have at least one of our boys home!!

Yeah for the Waffle Window.  We just wish it was closer to our house!
We headed home from there because Miss Cali had to work.  It is her week to work in the deli at Costco.  Logan was a good sport and he helped me wash all the window inside and out that afternoon.  It was off to the park for a picnic for dinner.

Paris}The Champs Elysees and the Louvre

After leaving the Eiffel Tower we strolled down the Champs Elysees. Really, we walked rather fast because we had a lot to see during our two day stay in Paris.

We passed by the Place de la Concorde, one of the major public squares in Paris.




And we continued down through the Tuileries Garden.


And we saw lots of pretty things on the way. Not a lot of flowers but some amazing sculptures.



There at the end of the Gardens was the Louvre!



You could spend the entire week in the Louvre and we only had a couple of hours so we decided there were two things we had to see. This pretty lady...


and this pretty lady....


and along the way we ran into this lady - Miss Nike!

The Louvre is an amazing and beautiful place and we had a hard time taking all the prettiness in!



The Louvre is as pretty inside as it is outside.


From the Louvre we kept on going and headed towards Notre Dame - coming up next.

If you missed Paris}The Eiffel Tower be sure and check it out!