Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wet and Wild Wilkes'

After we enjoyed our yummy dinner at the food carts we headed back to the westside of town.  As we were crossing the bridge over the river I suggested we stop and take a walk down the waterfront as it was a beautiful and warm evening.

We really do live in a beautiful city...
We had a lovely stroll along the river and were headed back to the car when we walked by this fountain.

Logan had a great idea - he and Cali should run through it!



They got a little wet!

Tessa decided not to join the crazy pair!

Then the kids decided it would be really cool if mom and dad would run through the fountain!
 I think Jim was SHOCKED when I said - let's do it!  I'm getting wild and crazy in my old age!
The people sitting around the fountain watching thought it was a good idea too and they helped Logan count to three - 1 - 2 - 3!


We did it - rain through a fountain in downtown Portland in our clothes!  (Better than not in our clothes I guess!!!)

We got wet too!

Logan had to call Clark right away to let him know what his crazy parents had just done!

The ride home was a little wet but it actually felt good because it was a really hot night!

What the Wilkes family won't do for a little fun!!

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Tamara said...

Way to go and be brave! Didn't realize you got THAT wet! Bet it felt great though.