Saturday, August 14, 2010

Waffle Window Stop

Logan flew into Portland Thursday morning.  One of his good friends from high school is getting married this weekend.  The girls and I went to the airport to pick him up and of course a stop at the Waffle Window on the way home was a must!

We had a hard time deciding which one to get so we got four of them!  One of our favorites is the 3 B's - basil, bacon and brie.  So good.

We also got a berry bliss, a hot fudge sundae waffle

and we tried a new one the bananarama.  A waffle covered in bananas, whip cream and caramel. 
Tessa doesn't wait - she just digs in!
We missed you Clark but we are so happy to have at least one of our boys home!!

Yeah for the Waffle Window.  We just wish it was closer to our house!
We headed home from there because Miss Cali had to work.  It is her week to work in the deli at Costco.  Logan was a good sport and he helped me wash all the window inside and out that afternoon.  It was off to the park for a picnic for dinner.

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Tamara said...

Hope Cali survived the deli and that the wedding was great. Those waffles look out of this world! Think I've gained 5 pounds drooling over your blog this morning. Thanks for introducing us to so many fun things!