Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friday Fun

There was no school on Friday.
Tessa started her day off school by going to school - to take the PSAT.

I did a session at the temple and Jim worked.

Friday was a rain free day here in Portland so we decided to take advantage of it in the afternoon and went for a hike in Forest Park. A friend had emailed that the trillium were blooming.

Trillium bloom for a very short time so you have to act quick. We had a nice hike and saw lots of pretty trillum blooming.

After our hike we decided to head across the river to the Hawthorne District to try out a new restaurant I had read about in the paper. Pour Que No - a local taco place.

The restaurant was FULL of character and fun. We called our friends the Watt's who don't live too far from the restaurant and they joined us for some yummy tacos and good conversation. Tessa tagged along too.

Our friend Merrill, who lived in Mexico for a while, said he felt like he was in Mexico -I wish I had taken my camera because the place looked like it was in Mexico too! The building is bright turquoise blue and everything inside is reused, recycled. They even compost their food scraps!

After dinner we went over to their house so the boys could watch the Blazer game on their big screen TV. The girls went out for gelato - yum!!

This last week was a productive, catch up week. I got quite a few projects done including "slurping" our family blog into a book and getting it printed and getting all of 2008 photos into an album!! And I started a few new projects too!

I made a cute little keepsake foldout album for girls using my parent's wedding pictures. A nice little remembrance for them of their grandparents 50th wedding anniversary - especially since Cali didn't get to attend. Only made them for the girls - didn't think the boys would be interested but if you want one boys - let me know!

The college kids are busy, busy with end of the year projects, papers and upcoming finals. They all sounded a little stressed with everything they had to do.

In addition to school and work this week Logan had hours and hours of Young Ambassador auditions too.

Cali had her end of the year voice recital. She sang a duet with another girl, a song from Wicked. Of course she looked darling and Logan said she did a great job - wish we had been there to hear her!!