Sunday, October 19, 2008

Homecoming Week

Jim was out of town a couple of days this week. Can't remember where he was? Seattle or Spokane maybe?? One of the evenings he was gone Tessa and I had Matthew Jensen over for dinner - the son of our friends Marsha and Larry. The parents were enjoying a week in Hawaii and Matthew was left at home to fend for himself. I know he got at least one good meal! He said he had been eating a lot of frozen pizza!!

Thursday was a big Creative Memories day for me - a conference call in the morning. a leadership lunch in the afternoon and a 3 hour meeting that evening with some corporate reps that were in town. It was a lot of meetings but everything went well.

Friday was the big homecoming came at Westview against Sunset. Westview won. Jim and I had planned to go but when Tessa called and said we wouldn't be able to find a place to park or sit we decided to stay home. We rented a video - a bad choice - Leatherheads with George Clooney. I had a hard time staying awake!!

Saturday was a busy day. My parents were moving to Longview so Jim went over and helped load the truck and I helped do some cleaning. Jim then headed to Longview to help unload the truck and I spent the day driving Tessa all the places she needed to go.

She took the PSAT in the morning and then she and I spent a little time at the work party for Willy Wonka . I then drove Tessa to a dance rehearsal for La Boutique. She got home at 6:30 and quickly got dressed and ready for the Homecoming Dance.

She went with her friend Rachel. I got lucky and found her a darling dress at JC Penney. I even picked it out without her and she liked it. We have had good luck finding cute Homecoming/MORP dresses at JC Penney. Just a little modestification and they dress was perfect!

Here are a couple of her better shots!

She had a fun time at the dance - the dance only went until ten so after a stop at McDonald's for some ice cream she was home by 10:30 and her old parents could go to sleep. Jim and I spent an exciting evening at home - Jim watching sports (surprise, surprise) and Leigh Anne working on the computer (surprise, surprise!!)

College Kid Update:

Cali put on her first Enrichment Meeting this week - she said it was a great success and everyone had fun - yeah Cali!

I guess the week could be summed up as follows:

Number of Dates

Clark - 3 (#1 - corn maze, #2 - pumpkin carving, #3 - haunted forest)

Logan - 2 (#1 - I can't remember??, #2 - haunted forest with Clark and his date!)

Cali - 0 - no dates but lots of fun.

Cali hosted her brothers for Sunday dinner today at the Cannon Center. Clark enjoyed three servings of shrimp, two of steak and one of chicken. We definitely got our money's worth with Clark!

Jim and I head to Utah on October 30th to see the Young Ambassador Show and celebrate Cali's birthday and see all 3 kids! Can't wait. I am sure there is a trip to Tai Pan in there somewhere too! You game Emily??