Sunday, March 7, 2010


Yikes - I just realized I had published this post on our ward's preparedness blog instead of our family blog.  We'll see if anyone in the ward notices!!  One of the hazards of too many blogs!!

This year Tessa has gotten involved with DECA.  She has been taking a Fashion Merchandising class and was encouraged to get involved by her teacher.

We didn't even know what DECA stood for.  Come to find out DECA stands for Delta Epsilon Chi which is Latin and we have no idea what that means.

DECA is an organization for high school and college students studying marketing, management and entrepreneurship in business, finance, hospitality and marketing sales and service.

They recently held their State Conference here in Portland and Tessa put together a presentation to present.

Her presentation was a fund raising event to be put on by Anthropologie ( a women's retail store) to raise money for Make a Wish Foundation.  She had to put a whole business plan/ presentation together including a display board.
Her board turned out lovely with a little help from mom, Creative Memories Storybook Creator and our Cricut Machine!
She did great at the competition and came in 5th in the whole state! 

Having never participated in anything like this before she didn't really know what to expect and she did great!
Here's the medal she received!

The conference was held at Jantzen Beach and went for three days.  She stayed overnight except we went and picked her up each day for play rehearsal and then drove her back.

She is looking forward to competing again next year!