Sunday, May 23, 2010

TV Debut and Critter Control!

We just finished Skyping with Cali - she had an amazing weekend in Ireland and Scotland.  She will be blogging about it soon and posting photos so be sure and check out her blog - Quirky Cali.

This week I made my TV debut. 

I was contacted by a PR agency in Arizona who wanted to know if I would be interested in presenting some family friendly, outdoor fun products on a local live TV show - KOIN Studio 6.  I said, sure, why not!  They were looking for a local blogger and they must have found me via an internet search or something - I'm really not sure.

On Monday I wasn't sure if it was really going to happen because all the products hadn't arrived and they wouldn't do the segment unless they did.  On Tuesday morning we were still missing one so they almost canceled the segment but I offered to run to Babies R Us and pick up the missing item.  So that afternoon I was on live TV here in Portland!

I was kind of nervous and fidgety all day long but once I got to the TV station my nerves calmed down and it was actually fun!  The hosts of the show were very nice and friendly.  The PR agency said they'd love to use me again for any future segments so we'll see!!
Here's the set with the table of items I presented...

The 3 hosts and myself! They were all very tall and skinny!!

I had Book Club on Wednesday and I presented the book Princess Bride - it was a fun read! 

We had to do a little critter control this week too.  Thursday night about 1 or so something woke me up - wasn't really sure what it was but I got up and looked around a bit.  A couple hours later another sound woke me up but this time it was loud and right over my head!  It sounded like something was either in the wall right by our bed or in the ceiling.  Jim was sleeping with his deaf ear up so he didn't hear anything so I had to wake him up because the sound was freaking me out a bit.  Jim banged on the wall and it stopped.

The next day Jim got the ladder out to check all the vents around the top of the house to see if some animal could have gotten in and he went up into the attic and looked around too but didn't find anything.  We then realized that the chimney runs right up along the wall where our bed is so we are thinking something must have been in the chimney.  It must be gone because I didn't hear anything the next night.   Thank goodness.  We were afraid we had a squirrel, bird or worse a rat in the attic!!!!

Saturday Jim and I got up and headed down to the Pearl for breakfast.  Tessa had a friend sleep over so they opted to sleep!.

We had breakfast at Byways Cafe - a fun retro, old fashioned dinner.

I played around with the photos in PhotoShop to give them a little more vintage feel! 

The place is covered in travel memorabilia and trinkets.  I guess people bring things to them all the time from their travels all over. 

The food was yummy too.  I had some bluecorn pancakes with pecan butter and maple syrup - so good.  Jim had a scramble with lots of veggies in it!
It was a fun way to start our Saturday!

From there we headed over to the Portland Farmer's Market where we found some yummy fresh strawberries, asparagus, bread and flowers to take home! 

I felt like I was in Paris already!!

 My favorite booth at the Portland Farmer's Market is the Tart Lady - so pretty and delicious!!!  We bought a tomato and basil galette which was yummy that we munched on for lunch

And there were lots of pretty flowers.  Jim bought me a few bunches of sweet peas which I love - they smell heavenly!!

We headed home and worked on some projects around the house and garden the rest of the day.

Tessa and I were taking some photos for her blog and when we walked outside and this is what greeted us on the front walk!
A lovely and rather large garden snake!  Yikes!!
Fortunately for us Brave Ben was there to take care of it for us - it is now residing in the pond!

 That evening we went to the surprise 50th birthday party for our friend Dix.  He had been out dirt biking all day and ended up being two hours late to his own party because there were some young kids having problems with their bikes that got stuck on the edge of a cliff that they ended up helping.  I guess that's a good excuse to be late. 

The Utah boys were able to attend cousin Marcus' wedding on Friday and represent the family - thanks boys!  We heard it was a lovely affair and just wish we could have been there too!!  Clark entertained guests this weekend, some friends he had met at Cambridge that flew in for a wedding of another Cambridge friend.  He got to show them around BYU/Provo area.  :Logan is on the hunt for a new place to live this fall as his best buddy who also owns the condo they live in is getting married - congrats Mark!!

We love our boys and miss them and can't wait for them to come home in July!!!