Thursday, April 16, 2009

Makeup Trick

We enjoyed Easter dinner with our friends the Jensens and met some new friends too - a darling young family - The Northams. Ryan is Larry's nephew.

We learned some new and very helpful information while at dinner. A great makeup tip.

If you ever find yourself out of lipstick you now have an alternative.

Malted Milk Easter Eggs!!

Yes - who knew!

But Marsha informed us all and demonstrated that if you lick your lips and then rub the malted milk egg over your lips...
you dont' need lipstick! Don't you love Matthew's blue lips!

So everyone had to get it on the fun.
Here's cute Grace...

And even Ryan gave it a try. I obstained - was too busy taking pictures and I had lipstick with me!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Blog Look

Just wanted to make sure you saw our cute new blog makeover! If you are reading this in an rss feed or email update please click through to the actual blog and see how cute it is!

I love our new blog banner thanks to my friend Jo-Lynne who designed it for me! Love it!!!

Easter Sunday

Our Easter Sunday began with a little egg hunt for Tessa. We use to do this on Saturday but I guess we are getting old and lazy!

As always the Easter Bunny had fun winding string throughout the house and leaving treats!

The treats the Easter Bunny leaves are a little different these days - it use to just be candy but now he leaves headbands, scarves and even Rascal Flatts CD's!

The Easter Bunny even brought me a present this year - a new GlassyBaby! I even had my own string to follow!

We had a nice Easter Service with lots of beautiful music. Our friend Paula Reeve sung which is always amazing and her husband, a good friend of Jim's spoke.
After church we took a few pictures before heading over to the Jensen's for dinner. My part of dinner was orange rolls, asparagus, lemon sour cream pie and baked pineapple. We had a yummy dinner, good conversation with friends and then some fun games afterwards.
What is it with my kid's and their goofy faces!

Even Jim had to get in on the goofy face thing!

Happy Easter!