Sunday, June 21, 2009

Return to Virtue Hike

One of the requirements for the 1st year girls at Girl's Camp is to go on a 3 mile hike. I got to go with them - this was no "easy" hike either - I would rank it as a moderate hike. The girls did great though. Tessa and Kristin also went on the hike since they were first year counselors.

My friend Marsha was one of the hike specialists at camp. She was inspired by the Young Women's General Presidency who when called to serve hiked up to Ensign Point in Utah and carried a Banner of Virtue with them. The YW program has since added the Virtue Value and the color is Gold.

We took a gold bandana on the hike with us and when we were up at a beautiful view point at lunch the girls were each asked to commit to being a Women of Virtue and to sign their name to the banner.

The scarf was then tied to a stick and the girls carried it through the rest of the hike.

I loved walking behind the group and watching them carry the banner.

Crazy Counselors

Just had to share a few cute pictures of Tessa and Kristin at camp. They were the cutest and funniest counselors at camp!

I lost track of how many times the adult leaders came up to me and commented on how funny and cute they were. Tessa spent most of the week talking in her SpongeBob voice!

Here they are on the 3 mile hike they went on with their campers.

They were quite entertaining at flag call when they entertained the entire camp with their silly routine!

I just wish I had gotten some pictures of the little routine they entertained everyone with when they were on clean up duty in the Mess Hall. They did a complete choreographed number with their mops while cleaning the floor - including the splits! It was hilarious!

They were definitely the cutest and the sillyest Coast Guard Captains ever!!

Coast Guard

Saturday afternoon Tessa and I returned from Girl's Camp - tired and dirty but having enjoyed a great week. The weather was great all week except for some rain on Friday. At least it waited until after the five mile hike I went on!

I helped with all the certification of 1st and 2nd year campers which included two hikes - a 3 miler and a 5 miler. The 5 miler included some "off road" hiking including one river crossing.

Tessa was a first year counselor with her friend Kristin. The theme for camp was Boot Camp - Fit for His Kingdom. They had chosen Coast Guard for the name of their group. They did a great job preparing for and decorating their cabin to go along with their theme. Of course they got a little help from me!

It was so fun to be there at camp with Tessa and see her in action - she and Kristin very quickly became the cutest and funniest counselors! They did a great job!

Look how cute they look in their captain's hats and matching T-shirts they painted!

Their cabin was so cute inside and out - they made a darling banner to hang outside along with some silver anchors and a life preserver with all the campers names on it - made out of cardboard. We found the wooden life preserver at Michaels.

Inside they hung some plastic nautical flags we found at Oriental Trading along with miniature life preservers and rope on all the bunk beds.

They also made a cute job chart that looked like the captain's wheel for inside.

Each day they did a devotional with the girls and had a cute handout for each day. Each thought tied into their Coast Guard theme - lighthouses, anchors,

They created a cute life preserver bead for each of the girls (beads are a big thing at camp) as well as life preserver name tags. I helped them make cute pendant banners with each of the girls names which they hung on their beds.

At the end of camp each girl got a Coast Guard frame to put a group photo in.

Now we just need to catch up on some sleep!