Sunday, June 21, 2009

Crazy Counselors

Just had to share a few cute pictures of Tessa and Kristin at camp. They were the cutest and funniest counselors at camp!

I lost track of how many times the adult leaders came up to me and commented on how funny and cute they were. Tessa spent most of the week talking in her SpongeBob voice!

Here they are on the 3 mile hike they went on with their campers.

They were quite entertaining at flag call when they entertained the entire camp with their silly routine!

I just wish I had gotten some pictures of the little routine they entertained everyone with when they were on clean up duty in the Mess Hall. They did a complete choreographed number with their mops while cleaning the floor - including the splits! It was hilarious!

They were definitely the cutest and the sillyest Coast Guard Captains ever!!

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treber13 said...

Oh the wonderful memories of camp. Your daughters are already amazing leaders because they have had such a wonderful example to follow. THANKS!