Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day at the Beach

Yesterday Tessa and I headed to the beach for the day with some other moms and kids from church. It was another hot day in Portland - high 90's and was only suppose to be in the 80's at the coast.

Tessa and I drove our car so that Tessa could get some road time in - she drove all the way to the beach and did a great job.

We spent the day at Cannon Beach. The weather didn't turn out as forecasted though. It was very foggy. The fog cleared out a little bit and we saw the blue sky for about an hour but then the fog came back in heavier than ever.

Haystack Rock was less than 1/4 mile down the beach and we couldn't see it.

It was cooler than we would have liked too but we did manage to get a sunburn.

Tessa spent the day at the beach reading.

She is a little behind with her AP Language reading. She is trying to get through King Leopold's Ghost.

Here's a photo of my friend Alison enjoying her day at the beach! No sunburn for Alison!

Needless to say she's not a big fan of the beach!

Most of the kids with us were younger than Tess and most of them were boys. It was fun to watch them dig in the sand - they dug two big holes and then connected them with a tunnel. Watching them made me miss my boys!

Here is one of the sand covered Bryan boys! Although it made me miss my boys I am glad all that sand wasn't going home in my car!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Clark Update - Barcelona

Since the internet isn't the greatest over in Europe and Clark won't be able to update his blog I thought I would share the very short messages I am receiving from him via gmail chat.

I asked him to try and check in every couple of days so I would know he is still alive and he has been very good at doing so!

Today's gmail chat said the following :

I made an important decision today - what kind of food I want waiting for me when I get home the night of the 25th. (his plane gets in about 9:45 p.m.)

A large pepperoni and black olive pizza from papa murphy.

Yes, I know it will be at like 11 at night and I am stopping on the way home at seven eleven to get a big gulp.

You are the best!

Oh and there are train strikes going on in France so we dont know how or when we will get back to England but i can think of worse places to get stuck then laying out on the beach next to the meditteranean in Barcelona

Love ya bye

Rough life! (I added that part!)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Wilkes Week

Clark Update:
Clark has finished up at Cambridge and has taken off to add a few more countries to his list. He spent Saturday in Paris. He went to mass at Notre Dame, to the Louvre and then to Moulin Rouge to see a show.

I got a one line instant message from him this morning saying that he had arrived in Barcelona safely. He is also going to Madrid, Seville and a few other cities before returning to Cambridge next week.

Logan Update:

Logan spent part of the week up in Jackson Hole visiting friends. They went camping one night and white water rafting. They also went to dinner and to see the show that several of his friends were performing in - they were doing Grease. He had a great time and has decided he needs to own a home in Jackson one day!

Here at home we had a busy week. I seemed to do a lot of cooking!

I cooked dinner for two other families on Tuesday night - a family whose daughter had been in a very bad ATV accident and my friend whose husband was coming home from the hospital from his emergency surgery last week.

Thursday I baked two different kinds of cookies for a bake sale a scout in our ward was having to raise money for his Eagle Project and then I had a team BBQ at the house on Thursday night for my CM team which was fun.

Friday night the girls went to Flicks on the Bricks downtown - another thing for Cali to cross off her list. Jim and I stayed home to watch a Flick - 17 again which I wasn't terribly thrilled with.

Saturday started with a trip to a Barn House sale with a friend. Jim got a lot of work done in the yard.

The girls crossed another thing off the list when they went to the drive in movie - they saw G Force and Harry Potter. They took a friend's truck and all piled in the back to watch the movie.

Jim and I went with our friends the Jensens to a free symphony concert in Laurelhurst Park. We stopped by Chen Yen and picked up some chinese and went over to the park.

The weather was beautiful and it was a fun evening eating good food, spending time with good friends and listening to nice music.

After the concert we drove them by our old house and took them on a tour of our old church building - the Colonial Heights building and then stopped by Staccato Gelato - yum!

The girls got home at 2:30 a.m. from the drive in so getting up to be ready for church by 9 a.m. was a little rough.

For Sunday dinner we had the missionaries over. One of the missionaries is Elder Stanley. His father was a member of the bishopric in Cali's BYU ward and he would attend the ward with his dad so he and Cali knew each other.

I had facebooked his mom to ask what his favorite foods were so we served turkey breast, mashed potatoes and gravy, homemade rolls, roasted asparagus, corn and blueberry salad (this wasn't a favorite but I had fresh corn and blueberries) For dessert we had homemade vanilla ice cream and tollhouse cookie bars. They ate lots so I think they liked it!

Jim is packing up to head to Mobile for the week. Cali and Kat are planning a campout in the backyard tonight to cross one of the few remaining things on the list off!