Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Clark Update - Barcelona

Since the internet isn't the greatest over in Europe and Clark won't be able to update his blog I thought I would share the very short messages I am receiving from him via gmail chat.

I asked him to try and check in every couple of days so I would know he is still alive and he has been very good at doing so!

Today's gmail chat said the following :

I made an important decision today - what kind of food I want waiting for me when I get home the night of the 25th. (his plane gets in about 9:45 p.m.)

A large pepperoni and black olive pizza from papa murphy.

Yes, I know it will be at like 11 at night and I am stopping on the way home at seven eleven to get a big gulp.

You are the best!

Oh and there are train strikes going on in France so we dont know how or when we will get back to England but i can think of worse places to get stuck then laying out on the beach next to the meditteranean in Barcelona

Love ya bye

Rough life! (I added that part!)


thogsett13 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JIM! We'll have to try and get him on the road. THANKS for the update about Clark--sounds like he continues to have a great time! Hugs!

Emily said...

Clark's blog has been one of the favorite reads at our house this summer! Personally, I hope he gets to go on more adventures :)