Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day at the Beach

Yesterday Tessa and I headed to the beach for the day with some other moms and kids from church. It was another hot day in Portland - high 90's and was only suppose to be in the 80's at the coast.

Tessa and I drove our car so that Tessa could get some road time in - she drove all the way to the beach and did a great job.

We spent the day at Cannon Beach. The weather didn't turn out as forecasted though. It was very foggy. The fog cleared out a little bit and we saw the blue sky for about an hour but then the fog came back in heavier than ever.

Haystack Rock was less than 1/4 mile down the beach and we couldn't see it.

It was cooler than we would have liked too but we did manage to get a sunburn.

Tessa spent the day at the beach reading.

She is a little behind with her AP Language reading. She is trying to get through King Leopold's Ghost.

Here's a photo of my friend Alison enjoying her day at the beach! No sunburn for Alison!

Needless to say she's not a big fan of the beach!

Most of the kids with us were younger than Tess and most of them were boys. It was fun to watch them dig in the sand - they dug two big holes and then connected them with a tunnel. Watching them made me miss my boys!

Here is one of the sand covered Bryan boys! Although it made me miss my boys I am glad all that sand wasn't going home in my car!


Tamara said...

Fun! Fun! Fun! Glad you enjoyed your time at the beach and din't get sunburned. Good Luck to Tess on all that reading--remember well those days. . . . .Hate to see summer come to a close sometimes, but fall is wonderful too. . . .

Emily said...

According to my kids a beach is a beach! But oh the sand . . .