Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter Solstice 2012

This was our second year celebrating the Winter Solstice with our friends the Watts.  It is a fun and crazy celebration.  One our expect none the less when Merrill Watts is involved.

We headed out of town at about 4:30.  We went via the airport so we could drop a car off for Logan who was flying in at about 7:00.  We then headed up to campground on Mt. Hood to join the Watts and some of their friends for the celebration.

Dec. 21st, the shortest day of the year is the Winter Solstice.  Fortunately it was not the end of the world as many had predicted using the mayan calendar!!

Tradition from the Nordic is that a tree is burned to welcome back the sun.  That tradition than became the burning of the traditional Christmas yule log.

Merrill takes the tradition back to it's roots though and part of the celebration involves the burning of an actual tree.  They always dry out a tree in their basement in preparation.

First we had dinner which is a compilation of "pagan", medieval food.  It always includes hot dogs which we roasted over the fire.  This year we also had an elk, mushroom stew which was interesting.  Jim liked it.
I took a rustic apple tart and there was other cheeses and meats and hot chocolate to keep us warm.

 The girls had fun seeing their friends Lindsay and Kelsi Watts

 There is always music involved with the Watts.  Merrill taught us the song O Solstice Tree to the tune of O Christmas Tree.  It was hilarious

 Then we were ready for the burning of the Solstice Tree.  Since it was supposedly the end of the world we all brought something to sacrifice.  The items were placed in a box and burned.  We also each placed an ornament (wadded up newspaper) into the tree and shared something we were thankful for.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Ships

It has been years since we have been down to the river to see the Christmas Ships but Cali had it on her list of things to do over the break so we headed down to the Wilamette River  on Tuesday night.  It was cold so we bundled up and took hot chocolate with us.

It wasn't as big or exciting as we remembered it being but it was fun to be down on the river and see all the pretty lights.  Love Portland at night with all the bridge lights.  We drove through downtown on the way home to check out the tree at Pioneer Courthouse Square.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Holiness and Happiness Quote

Another favorite from Saturday's session from my favorite Apostle!

I am a Mormon

Printable from

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

End of the Summer Dinner

This past weekend we celebrated the end of summer with a neighborhood dinner under the stars.  When Katie, our neighbor suggested a cul de sac dinner I jumped at the chance to volunteer our backyard and another opportunity to use the lights from the Wedding Carnival!

 We set up some tables in a long line in the middle of the yard and covered them with white paper.  We used white dishes and decorated the table with pumpkins from the garden as well as some of the last remaining flowers from the garden.

 We used lots of candles in jars as well as put crayons in some jars so people could draw on the table!

For the menu we had pasta.  I cooked all the noodles and then everyone brought a different sauce - we had a delicious assortment.  Meat sauce, pesto, browned butter and cheese, alfredo and artichoke/olive.  We had ceasar salad, caprese salad, bruschetta and lots of garlic bread.  For dessert there was spumoni ice cream and chocolate cookies.

 Of course the best part of the evening was the company!

Dinner was delicious!  Once the sun set the backyard became magical with the lights and the full moon.

 I think a new tradition has been born!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Portland Color Run

So the family blog kind of got put on hold this summer while we were in the midst of Wedding Carnival planning.  To get caught up on the family blog has been on my To Do list for the last month.  I haven't made much progress.  The thought of getting caught up has just been too overwhelming as a lot has happened this summer!

So I just decided to start current and then work backwards.

This year I have been able to cross a few things off the bucket list - Run a 1/2 Marathon, Be in a Flash Mob and do a Color Run.  I crossed the Color Run off this weekend.

The race took place out at the Portland Speedway and I did it with my friend Meg and 15,000 other Portlanders.  Let's just say 15,000 is a lot of people.  Technically, it really isn't a race because they don't even time it.  The object is to just have fun and we did.  The race is a 5K and goes along the raceway and through Delta Park.

 We started out with white clothes on.

 But we didn't end up with white clothes on!.  Along the race course there are color stations where people stand with squirt bottles full of different color powders.  One station is blue, one is yellow etc.   The powder is made from cornstarch.

 It was really fun and I'm glad I covered my hair so I don't have pink hair for church tomorrow!

 There is one big color party at the end where people throw their packet of color!
Jim came along as our chauffer and photographer.  Thanks Jim!
It was fun, glad I did it but don't think I need to do it again.