Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Seattle Day One

Jim had a sales seminar in Seattle on Monday and Tuesday this week.  He invited Tessa and I to join him (Cali had to work).

We got up early and left for Seattle at 4:30 a.m.  For those of you who know Tessa will be shocked to know that she was pretty much ready to go on time.  It did entail her getting up at about 3:30 a.m. to be ready in time.

In fact we were all up because Cali is working the 4:30 a.m. shift this week at Costco so she was up getting ready for work too!

Tessa and I dropped Jim off at his seminar which was near the Seattle airport and we headed into downtown Seattle.

Our first stop was Pike's Street Market of course!

We were hungry so we decided to try Lowell's for breakfast
.  It is in the market and has been there for years.  It has a great view of the bay.
Tessa and I shared some vanilla cinnamon french toast.

And then Tessa kept me entertained with her orange slice.

We wandered around the market a bit looking at all the pretty flowers, fruits and vegetables.

From there we headed up the street to do a little back to school shopping for Tessa.  But first we made a stop at the gourmet popcorn store for a little treat for later.

 One of the main reasons Tessa wanted to go to Seattle was to do some shopping at H & M.  The one in Portland doesn't open up until this fall.  She found some great basic pieces for her wardrobe that will be great for school.
From there we headed up to the Capitol Hill area which has lots of fun little shops/boutiques which we like so much more than the big department stores.

Of course we had to stop and check out the cupcake shop we found!

And we couldn't resist buying one cupcake - a raspberry lemonade cupcake.  Yum!!

From there we went to the Pretty Palace a fun vintage shop a friend had told me about and Tessa found a great 1960's vintage dress.  I just wish I had taken a picture of her in it.  But it is darling and I know Tessa will do some fun things with it.

We found a fun little hole in the wall pizza place where we each had a slice for lunch and then we headed back to the hotel to get checked in and then pick up Jim from his meetings.  We all then headed back downtown to do dinner on the pier at Ivars.

I don't think we've every been to Seattle without a trip to Ivar's for fish and chips.

Unfortunately the Mariner's weren't playing in town that night so no baseball game.  We did enjoy walking along the pier and enjoying the amazingly beautiful weather!  The sunset was pretty amazing too!
Of course feeding the seagulls with our extra french fries is always a must too!  Tessa even got brave enough this time to give it a try!
It was a pretty beautiful and perfect Northwest evening!


Dawn said...

What a fun trip. I love Seattle. We like Ivar's too!

Anonymous said...

I love Seattle! And thank you for shopping as H&M! Go Sweden!

Tamara said...

I love Seattle too and am reminded often that is where my parents first courted and fell in love. . . . .yeah over 60 years ago!

Leigh Anne Wilkes said...

Tamara, Yes we talked about that as we drove near the University of Washington!