Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to Jim

Yesterday was Jim's birthday.  He had a nice day and enjoyed talking to his parents and siblings who called to wish him a Happy Birthday!

When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner he said chicken.  When I asked again he said - how about stir-fry.  I learned long ago why Grandma instituted Happy Days so many years ago  - to try and get Jim to say what he would like!  It's not easy!!

So I made a chicken stirfry for dinner - General Tsu's and it was yummy. I used fresh green beans from the garden. Jim really liked it and said so numerous times during dinner so I guess I did o.k.

As always the girls kept up entertained at the table.

Growing up Jim's favorite cake was a white cake with caramel frosting so I made him a caramel cake with caramel frosting for his birthday.

 Making a wish, maybe??

Hope it comes true!
We got the boys on speaker phone and had Jim open his card (which is quite amusing!  Give Jim a call and he'll read it to you!)

Inside the card was a travel itinerary for a trip to Utah to see BYU vs. Univ. of Washington on Labor Day weekend for Jim.  He was quite excited!  The kids had all chipped in and mom helped out too.  

Happy Birthday old man!!

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Tamara said...

Your meal looks delicious. Glad you had such a great BD. It was fun to talk to you! So grateful you decided to come to our family many years ago. THANKS for your awesome example to all of us. Your gift is wonderful and have laughed and laughed about the card. Hugs from WA!