Monday, June 27, 2011

Seminary Graduation

We left our Smart Cookie Party and headed over to the Stake Center for Seminary Graduation.

We actually left before all the guests left.  It was a beautiful night so we told them to stay and enjoy themselves out in the backyard and eat some more cookies and they did!  My mom and was there and helped get things cleaned up in the kitchen.  So nice to come home too.

We are excited that Tessa was a Seminary graduate!

Getting Seminary on a regular basis was a bit of a challenge this year with all the traveling she did (NYC, Orland, Ashland) and with the musical.  She also took 3 AP classes and her only open hour to go get help or take a make up test was during Seminar but she did it.  She didn't receive an exemplary attendance award but we're o.k. with that - she graduated!

Here's the graduates from the Oak Hills Ward - Tessa, Adam Chin, Jessica Leete and Charlotte Martell.

And her Seminary teacher - Brother Farmer.

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