Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Coast to Coast

Our family was spread from coast to coast this past week. The only one to spend the whole week at home was Tessa - she had major dance rehearsal this week - they brought in a choreographer from NY to work with them for a couple of days.
Jim made a quick trip to Spokane Friday night so Tessa found herself home alone again - fortunately Hannah came home for the weekend again to keep her company. They took Olivia, Brock and Lauren, some of the neighbor kids to see High School Musical 3!

I flew to Utah again on Friday to attend an amazing conference on Marketing Online To Women. We stayed at the beautiful resort up in Midway - Zermatt Resort. It is a Bavarian style resort and our room was beautiful. I roomed with my friend Carol Rice.

I met some amazing women and learned a ton - my head is still swimming! Saturday night I went down to Provo and met Cali. We went to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and then a little shopping. I then went back to David and Tricia's - I was tired and ready for bed.

I didn't see either of the boys because Logan was in Southern Utah on 3 day tour with the Young Ambassadors. They performed in 3 different places - here are some fun photos from when they performed in the outdoor amplitheater of tuachan. The pictures look amazing!
The first pictures is of the stadium seating at the theater - if you look close that's Logan and Randy Boothe comparing notes up in the seats!

Clark wasn't in town either while I was there - he was on the East Coast attending a conference on ethics at Princeton. They got to spend some time roaming Manhatten too. In fact he called me Thursday evening at 11:00 p.m. our time - which was 2:00 am. to tell me he was eating a hot dog in Times Square - the city that never sleeps. Sounds like he had a great time and learned alot.
Clark didnt' run into Tricia while he was there - probably because he did not go purse shopping on Canal Street!
Earlier in the week Cali continued her birthday celebration. On her birthday her floormates surprised her and decorated her door - just like at home!
And Logan made sure she was well taken care of on her birthday - he brought her cinnamon rolls in the morning from Shirley's Bakery - they look so yummy!!
And then took her to dinner at Los Hermanos with Wynn, Emily and family! Thanks for making her day so special!
I received a text one morning last week from Cali showing me the snow that was on the ground that morning - she is still getting use to that!
One night last week Cali and some of her friends went to a Jungle Themed birthday party - so they decided to dress the part - scary!!!


Emily said...

I am sorry we missed you while you were here. I forgot to mention that my cell phone broke and it has not been replaced yet. So in case you were wondering I was not ignoring you!! I am glad you had fun, and it sounds like everyone else did too.

Tamara said...

Fun, fun, fun!!!! Wish we could twitch our noses and be there for the performances. Love you!