Sunday, December 14, 2008

Look what it's doing at our house!


I know this is no big deal to all you Utah relatives but look what it's doing at our house right now!!!

They cancelled church too! Just got a call from the Bishop and he is going to make a housecall today for tithing settlement.

Tessa and I decided we are watching White Christmas tonight and drinking hot chocolate!!

We're just a little nervous about getting Jim to the airport in the morning! I am driving him so I can have his car with the studded tires during the week. The temperature is suppose to be in the teens and twenties all week with more snow mid - week!!

Bring home your warm clothes kids!!!!


Linda Munro said...

Leigh Anne, I'll be thinking of you tomorrow morning going to the airport. I'm already worried about Mark coming home Thursday night!

love your blog,

Emily said...

That is more than what we got at our house this weekend!! Enjoy the hot chocolate, yummy . . .