Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Did I mention in the last post that I love tulips?  Well, I love tulips!

In fact this week I have been re-reading Cold Sassy Tree(love that book) and I love the part where the grandmother dies and the grandfather makes rose blankets and lines her grave with them.  She had an amazing garden and one time said she wouldn't mind dying if she could be buried in a bed of roses.  So he makes her a bed of roses.

I want to buried under a blanket of tulips!

I took a lot of photos at the Tulip Farm yesterday - here are some of my favorites.
I loved this sweet little red tulip popping it's head up amongst all the yellow tulips!


Tamara said...

Thanks for sharing these awesome pictures. Just shared with Richard and we have put "Visit a tulip farm" on our to do list. Tulips make me happy too. . . . . . . .A bed of tulips sounds heavenly.

Emily said...

Tulips are my favorite spring flower too! Then I wait for the daisies to come . . .