Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Yesterday was Hannah's 20th birthday and I promised her a blog post all her own!

 I told Hannah I would make her a birthday cake - I ended up making her two!  We invited the neighbors over Sunday evening to help us celebrate!
Hannah chose chocolate (the recipe will be on Your Homebased Mom) and I chose lemon (of course!)
Tessa was hungry!
We loaded up the cake with 20 candles!
and all sang Happy Birthday!
After cake Hannah opened presents - a scarf, a head band, fun things from Sephora and a cover for her I-Touch

As usually happens when we all get together we started reminiscing about when the girl's were little (we missed you Cali but talked about you a lot)  Jim had to get out the photo albums and we had fun looking at photos of the girls when they were little!
We even got out the DVD we had done for Cali and Hannah's graduation and watched it - of course Shari cried!!
It was a fun evening celebrating with Hannah (who is now an adult!) and spending time with our amazing neighbors!


cali said...

I am glad I was missed. I will be there next year for the 21st birthday. To big to miss:)

Tamara said...

Happy Belated Birthday Hannah! You are all blessed to have each other in your lives. Friends are the sunshine in our lives. Thanks for sharing these fun pictures.