Sunday, April 11, 2010

State Thespian Conference

On Thursday Tessa headed down to Eugene for the State Thespian Conference.

They were a little crowded on the drive down there - five of them in a tiny car!  There were bags everywhere!
But they made it safe and sound thanks to Rachel's good driving!

During the conference they were able to attend workshops and watch various plays/productions.

Westview's production of Almost Maine was chosen to perform at State so the Westview kids that weren't in the play all had shirts made that let everyone know they were  big fans of the show!  Here's Kylie and Tessa - cute girls!
And Rachel, Tessa and Kiana!
They had themed dances each night.  One night was a purple dance - everyone wore purple.  

The other night it was an 80's dance.
Tessa got her dress at the costume shop at school but I told her I had one just like it in my closet she could have worn!!
She had a great time and came home Saturday night to catch up on her sleep!


dawn said...

I wore a dress just like that for New years eve one year. probably 86 or so. funny!

Tamara said...

Tess looks as darling as ever! Glad she had such a fun time!