Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Empty Nesters

So once again Jim and I played empty nesters this weekend - let's just say I don't care for it much!

It was a good week with a Beach Babe lunch downtown at Bijou Cafe and then RS Stake Temple Day on Wednesday.  A CM team meeting Wednesday  night and few other various appointments and meetings thrown in!

Friday night Jim and I headed out to one of our favorite local taco places - Pour Que No over on Hawthorne.

As usual there was a line out the door!
Not only does this place have a lot of atmosphere - they have great food too!
We got four different types of tacos - carne asada, carnitas, fish and chicken - my favorite were the carnitas!  Yum!

We then went down to the street to a new serve yourself yogurt place and then home.  Jim watched a Blazer game and I watched Boy in the Striped Pajamas - a movie based on a book I had read about a little boy whose father runs one of the concentration camp - a very sad story but well done.

Saturday I went to a photography workshop all day out by the airport. It was on taking photos of nature - very interesting and I learned a lot! Now if I could just win the lottery or something so I could afford those new camera lens I want!

Jim got the strawberry patch tilled, fertilized and planted so hopefully we will have lots of red juicy strawberries!!  He worked hard in the yard all day!

Saturday night we enjoyed a game of cards with our friends the Jensens and Hunts.

And such is the life of the empty nesters!

We were glad to have Tessa home safe and sound!


linda said...

Oh my those tacos look good!

We're empty nesters now and yes, it takes some getting used to!

Tamara said...

those tacos look really yummy! Think I gain 5 potential pounds each time I look at your wonderful blogs about food! Need to hit that treadmill more often. Thanks for sharing!

Michelle Wilkes said...

Mmm, tacos look good.
I should make some...