Monday, April 26, 2010

She's Off!

Cali is on her way to London!  We dropped her off at the airport and she has left for Minneapolis.  She has a layover there and will fly out to Heathrow about 10:00 p.m. CST this evening.  She will arrive in London at about noon on Tuesday, London time which will be about 5 in the morning here in Portland..

Cali succumbed to pressure and even though she said she would never have a blog - she now has a blog!  You can follow her exciting London adventures here -  The blog is still a bit under construction and we have a fun and quirky picture to add to her header soon!  She chose the name because quirky means - crazy, kooky, nutty and strinkingly unconventional - all words that could be used to describe Cali!!

She will be met at the airport by Jen Clarke who is the daughter in law of Margaret Clark (Cali's great grandmother's sister)  I think we need Grandma Best to figure out how we are related - cousins, second cousins, first cousins three times removed????) 

It makes me feel better that someone we know will be meeting her at the airport.  They will then drive out to their country home - The Pointe where they will spend the night.  They will then deliver Cali to Kensington to where she will be living for the next 7 weeks!

It was a crazy 24 hours getting her ready to go.  We hope she has everything she needs.  A big thank you to neighbor Caitie who just got back from London who let Cali take her London compatible blow dryer, cell phone and adapters!!  She gave Cali some great tips too!

There was a celebratory toast before we left for the airport with Hannah!

We stopped by Escape from NY Pizza on our way to the airport for a quick bite of lunch and Jim met us there.
From there we went to the airport and we all walked her in to make sure she got checked in o.k.!
She hit it right on the mark - 50 lbs!  I guess there is no room for souvenirs!!
We then said our goodbyes and she headed to security!!
It was at this point that the security  lady very nicely told me I was not allowed to take any photos looking towards security - I guess they were afraid I was going to steal all our big security secrets and sell them to some terrorist country or something!!

Can't wait to hear from her when she arrives in London!  We love you Cali and will miss you!!!

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Tamara said...

Bon Voyage, dear Cali. You will love Lond, steeped in beauty, history, adventure, and mystique. We will read your blog. We look forward to seeing you on the Oregon Coast this summer. ENJOY! ENJOY!