Monday, April 26, 2010

Saturday Adventures

A little blog catch up.

The weekend before we left for Utah was a fun one- at least for Tessa and I.

Jim was a good boy and went and helped with a ward service project.  Our ward is in charge of keeping  a section of the road near the highway in shape. It was very overgrown with weeds.  They worked all morning and part of the afternoon - Jim was tired and reported that he doesn't even work that hard in our yard.  He also said it was evident which men are use to working in the yard and which aren't!

Tessa and I played that day with our friend Meg.  We were out to explore and discover a place for Tessa to have her senior pictures taken.  We were looking for an antique/vintage store that would be fun to use.

We headed over to North Mississippi and had fun exploring the shops.
I fell in love with this little food cart!

It was simply charming.  We weren't hungry yet or ready for lunch although their food look marvelous - especially that waffle we saw!  We did buy a maple steamer though which was quite lovely!!

We explored some more and met this little fellow in a garden shop on the street
And found a fun new fabric store we will be back to visit!!  We have a project in mind and I think they may have just the perfect fabric selection for it

After some more wandering we were hungry so we headed over to our lunch destination - a food cart.  The Grilled Cheese Grill.
A food cart soley devoted to grilled cheese sandwiches! Yum!
They had brought in an old school bus and painted it up and turned it into a dining bus!  It was so fun!  The ceiling was amazing. They counter and table tops were covered in hundreds of old school photos!

We thought it would be so fun if we actually found someone we knew in all those photos but we didn't!

We enjoyed several fun combinations of sandwiches which we can't wait to try and make at home now!

From there we headed over to another vintage store but I'm saving those pictures for a separate post because they are so fun!!

After shopping and working at the service project Tessa headed out to go babysitting and Jim and I headed north to Longview to have dinner with my parents.  We also did a little plant shopping for their front yard (not really a yard but a strip of dirt in front of their home)  Jim got them all planted and they look great!

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Tamara said...

Wish I lived closer so I could join you for some of your FUN, FUN ventures!