Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Graduation Day Part 2

Graduation lasted two days.  Clark's college graduation ceremony was Friday.

Friday morning Jim and Cali headed over to her new apartment for this Fall to give them some money and sign papers.  Tessa and I headed over to the Women's Expo at UVU where several bloggers I know had a booth and I wanted to see them and take them a little gift.  We didn't have much time so after talking for a bit we basically ran through the Expo to see what there was. 

As we passed the Pampered Chef booth the gal asked "Are you Your Homebased Mom"  I guess I am famous even in Utah!!  It was fun.

From there Jim and I headed over to Corporate Alliance where Logan works to see him in action  It was Jumpstart week so they had lunches all week and Logan was leading the discussion that day.  It was so fun!
I managed to embarass him in front of his boss when I made him let me take his picture in his office.

He is so official - he even has his name on the door!

 Doesn't he look so professional!  His windows look right out over a golf course!!
 From there we  headed back over to the Marriott Center for the College of Family Life Sciences for graduation.  Clark graduated in History.  It was a huge college and they predicted the graduation would last up to 3 hours!!

 Enough Mother!!

 It's official - he has the diploma (not really, they will mail it to him)  As soon as he got his fake diploma he headed right for one of the tunnels that led out of the Marriott Center.  We got a phone call from him that he was waiting outside by the bell so we left early!
 More photo ops!

 Four kids and a cougar!!  Go Cougars!
 Go Clark - we're proud of you!!!
We celebrated the boy's birthdays Friday night after graduation.  The boys wanted to go to Tucano's but the wait was 3 hours long in Provo so we headed up to Salt Lake to the one there and got right in!  Both boy's had birthday certificates to use and Logan had some gift certificates so we ate for practically free!!  They even sang happy birthday to them!

From dinner Clark headed to another wedding reception and we went down to Provo to Men's Warehouse to do a little shopping for Logan's birthday. They had some of their sport coats on sale and then had them buy one get one free so he got two great looking jackets for $100! 

We headed home to Portland Saturday morning since Cali was leaving Monday.  It was a long drive but we made it home safe and sound and in time to run out to Helvetia Tavern for a burger - Cali's choice!

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Tamara said...

FUN! FUN! FUN! Hapy graduation to clark and happy preparing for the LSAT and going to law school.