Sunday, May 2, 2010

Back at Home

Can I just tell you how much I love technology!  We just got done Skyping (is that a word?) with Cali over in London.  It is so fun to see her cute face and hear the excitement in her voice as she tells us about all the amazing things she has been doing.  If you haven't checked out her blog- Quirky Cali you need too!  She is doing a great job keeping it updated and adding photos and her writing is so fun!  She makes me proud!!!

Boy Update:  Clark is finishing up working for the BYU IT department - he can't work there any longer since he isn't a student and he is working part time at a law firm.  He is also busy taking a LSAT course and studying for the test.  He was recently made the Elder's Quorum President too that keeps him busy.  Now that the Blazers are out of the playoffs not sure what Jim, Logan and Clark are going to do with their extra time?

Logan is loving his job and working a lot.  In addition to his full time job he has been DJing at some Proms around Provo on the weekends for a little extra cash, playing some golf and tennis and using a jackhammer to remove the patio for the Boothe family - something about guys and power tools.....
He enjoyed a Jazz game this week too with some buddies.  Sundays are busy days as he is the Executive Secretary to the Bishop.

We miss our boys!

It was good to be home this week and get caught up on a few things.  After the whirlwind of a trip to Utah and getting Cali off to London we enjoyed a little bit of quiet at home.

I had a Stake RS Leadership Meeting on Thursday as well as Visiting Teaching, and some phone appointments.

Tessa took the ACT at school on Wednesday and got done at noon - she went out to lunch with friends and then hung out with some friends. My friend Marsha and I went downtown to have lunch at the Blueplate Lunch Counter and Soda Fountain - a fun little place that had been featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives on the food network.  It was yummy!

This weekend was our Stake Conference so Jim and I went to the temple and the chapel session Friday night.  Tessa babysat both Friday and Saturday for her favorite little babysittee - Lechame.  Lechame was adopted from Africa by our friends the Lawsons.

The Lawsons are very generous with Tessa and she now has the money she wants to buy a new phone and some spring clothes.

Jody sent me these cute pictures of the two girls - this is what they found when they got home..
Aren't they cute!!!

I got up early Saturday morning and drove out to Milwaukee to meet the Beach Babes for breakfast at Bob's Red Mill.  They have a restaurant and a store with every flour, grain etc. imaginable.  I bought some steel cut oats for Jim, some Almond flour so I can try making macaroons and then some whole wheat pastry flour since I have been trying to use more whole wheat flour in my cooking/baking.
 Sorry about the picture Shauna.  In one photo you had your eyes closed and April had hers closed in the other photo and I looked better in this one - so you lost!

Here's the big mill wheel outside the store/restaurant.  Very fun!

After breakfast we headed to the Canby Plant Sale which was so fun - felt like I had died and gone to heaven.  I was on a pretty limited plant budget so my main focus was to get some things for my pots.  There is a vendor there I love that has lots of beautiful coleus which I like to use in my pots.
There were so many beautiful things I had to exercise a lot of self restraint!

I managed to come home with two boxes full of pretties for my pots.
Jim spent the morning helping a couple in the ward, The Whitt's, pack up their truck for their move to Idaho and then he did some yard work.

Tessa headed out again to babysit and Jim and I went to dinner and then to the adult session of Stake Conference.  Tessa went to the morningside Sunday morning and then we went to the general session.

We are going to a graduation party for Leslie (the Osborne's cousin/niece) tonight which will be fun. By request I am taking a pot of my baked beans and some jalapeno poppers!


Tamara said...

Your life is so full and rich with adventures. THANKS for sharing and MOLTIVATING us.

Yesterday my lesson was taken from a talk by Elder Uchtdorf "Righteous Women of Influence." I had contacted most of the Primary and YW and asked for a couple of sentences. About 20 of them participated. I typed up all he comments and gave to the YW and Primary along with a cute card for them to send to a Woman of Influence in their lives. Some were so tender I had a hard time getting through--read in RS. We divded up for about 7 minutes and the sisters taled about their "Women of Influence." I had timed a song to play and was going to end it there, but they were still talking away, so I gave them a couple mre minutes. Many of them shared. We made 80 cute cards (took me about 6 hours with another sister I am trying to fellowship).

Yesterday I got to take around our first BD presents. . . . .(started the 1st of May since we didn't get in til the last week of March). One of my counselors painted them, put on a cute tag (We CAN be self-reliant). Inside we have items from each of the 6 areas: like a red pencil, a cup of wheat and recipes, a first aid kit for my pocket, a church catlog for employment, pamphlet for finances, home storage, article on "how to Survive Unemployment." The previous presidency sent out cards--cost 54 cents forthe cards and 44 cents for a stamp, so 98 cents. We were able to do the cans for about 40 cents. I will bring you one when I come. If I can find some inexpensive chocolate, I might put some in. THANKS for all your motivation!

Patti said...

I use Bob's Red Mill gluten for my whole wheat bread. I've used other gluten in the past, but it doesn't work as well as Bob's. Looks like you had a busy but fun weekend.